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Monday, September 25, 2023


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Pink PageSaying dirty things and throwing mud on everyone - "What do you think he lost a lot of money...

Saying dirty things and throwing mud on everyone – “What do you think he lost a lot of money in this mess?”

Entrepreneur Sigmar Vilhjálmsson and journalist Hugi Halldórsson want Arnar Grant and Vítália Lazareva to “stop it” and start thinking about the people around them who have to suffer for their relationship, like radio personality Ívar Guðmundsson. This is stated in the member’s review of the case in the 70 Minute podcast program

DV reported from mid-May that Arnar and Vítalia were back together and living together in a rented apartment in Garðabær. The personal trainer took care of it and asked Frosta Logason to post screenshots of her interactions with Vítalia in the Brotkast podcast. Frosti also claimed that Arnar had been the victim of fraud and lies.

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Vítália answered for herself and accused Arnar of violence. She also posted screenshots of their interactions, including their conversation about the spa incident.

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Both for “shitting behind”

“They were broadcasting their dirty laundry to the world and are completely screwed – both of them – with it,” says Simmi in the latest episode of 70 mins. Hugi says he has a hard time imagining these situations because he “would never put himself in there”.

They say no healthy relationship is based on taking pictures of interactions with a partner.

“Of course, there is no connection. You have to thrive on ‘hate/love’ stuff, and it all presumably ended with gorgeous ‘makeup’ sex, if I had to guess,” Hugi says.

“Stop that!”

“There’s very little to add to that, except that I wish they had friends other than the others who could say, ‘Stop it!'” Simmi says.

“Now I’m not a trained social worker or psychologist or created thing, but I have an opinion on a lot of things and reserve the right to change my mind. But I think they’re in this vicious circle where everyone has cut ties with them. I think their so-called friends, acquaintances, have drifted away from them. Just listen: “No, I’m totally willing to go out to dinner with someone other than you Arnar Grant. I don’t really mind having a story.” I think they isolate themselves a bit and therefore only have each other.”

dirty deal

Simmi and Hugi say it’s hard when the nation talks about someone’s private life, they know that first hand.

“And it’s tough enough that the question isn’t so tough. It’s a nasty problem on all sides,” Simmi says.

“Mud splattered everyone. Even those who were not involved in this case (…) You have people who stand outside of all this (…) Arnar Grant has acquaintances and friends who have suffered for it and lost money in business because of it and have nothing,” Simmi says, clarifying that he’s not talking about the people involved in the infamous “pot party.”

“His friends (…) just people who were not close to this summer house and who never approached this file”, he says.

They mention Ívar Guðmundsson in this context. Ívar and Arnar developed the protein drink Teyg in collaboration with Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga (KS). The drink was withdrawn from sale and production was halted in January 2022 following Vitalia’s story and accusations.

“What did he do?” He had an energy drink with him that was taken out of circulation, what do you think he lost a lot of money in this mess? asks Simmi.

“The only advice I have is: Stop it,” Hugi says, and Simmi agrees.

I don’t want to look but look anyway

“Stop posting on Snapchat. You’ve seen clips where he’s recording it,” Hugi says and refers them to the alleged videos Arnar posted of Vítalia on social media.

They admit, and say their listeners understand, that they still watch these videos and read these reports. They state that they will no longer discuss Arnar and Vítalia’s case on the podcast show, nor will they read any more news about the case.

“Because I think it’s like watching a kid on a bike hit a stone wall. I just can’t watch it, if I can’t back it up I don’t want to be there,” Simmi said.

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