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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAsia"State Disaster". What do the State Duma and the Federation Council think of the Prime Minister of Denmark's...

“State Disaster”. What do the State Duma and the Federation Council think of the Prime Minister of Denmark’s speech, written by ChatGPT

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen gave a speech to the Danish parliament, partly written by chatbot ChatGPT. She spoke about the achievements of the parliament over the past year and thanked the deputies for their cooperation, informed The Spiegel. Russian media found out what Russian parliamentarians think about this way of writing texts for public speaking.

Elena Afanasyeva, senator LDPR, member of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council

Some leaders of European countries have been reading texts that are not theirs for a long time. That’s what we see. ChatGPT writes this or the Washington regional committee – it’s not that important.

“Of course, this is an absurd situation. By this, she only showed that the post of Prime Minister in Denmark will be easily replaced by neural networks in the same way as cashiers in a supermarket and accountants,” Afanasyeva told Russian media.

Alexander Yushchenko, deputy from the Communist Party faction, first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications

If the Prime Minister uses artificial intelligence to express his position in parliament, it indicates that the government of a European country is completely dependent on artificial intelligence, does not have its own identity, which is the direction all the culture of the European Union. .

As for artificial intelligence, it has been a part of our lives for a long time, and many students use ChatGPT, which in my opinion is not entirely productive, because any artificial intelligence should complement the capabilities of the human mind , not replace it. There must be a certain dosage and a certain collaboration, which in no way replaces, but complements. And the speech of the Prime Minister of Denmark is a complete discredit of the authorities of one of the European countries.

I think that in some contexts ChatGPT can be used, including by workers from any economic field, but it should be auxiliary.

“Speaking in parliament is a procedure, it is important not only in terms of content, but also politically. And if artificial intelligence is used politically somewhere, it’s a disaster for the whole state,” Yushchenko said.

As to whether it is possible to use it, no one is prohibited from using it, but it should not be in official actions and should not replace the position of an official in relation to professional activities. Imagine that the President of Russia makes a speech in the Federal Assembly (with a speech written by ChatGPT), it cannot even occur to anyone. Or the minister of digital development will come from ChatGPT.

Anton Tkachev, deputy from the New People faction, first deputy chairman of the information policy committee

The use of artificial intelligence in our lives is ubiquitous. Its task is mainly to reduce the time for solving specific problems and algorithms. Text AI is a great tool for writing texts, but it is important to understand what it “thinks” based on the data inserted into it.

“If the parliamentarian spoke about generally accepted and understandable things that were on the Internet with confirmed facts, then (it is) quite possible, but if the neural network gave its own position, then it is rather a inconvenience for the parliamentarian,” Tkachev said. said Russian media.

Also, the neural network rarely updates and doesn’t know what’s really going on between people, the market, and the state, because they don’t write about everything.

For example, I used the neural network as an “advocate” and asked why it is important to develop it, and not to ban it, but I myself formed conclusions and proposals, c that is to say, I basically quoted. for balanced proposals based on quality feedback from people, and you certainly don’t need to rely on the judgments of the neural network.

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