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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaThe sound of space war and the strategic hesitation

The sound of space war and the strategic hesitation

– Kamlesh Pandey War is an animal instinct. Man has learned this tendency by coming in contact with animals. While animals attack each other simply for food, humans do so only for the satisfaction of their ego and sometimes for factionalism. So the only way to avoid any possible war is to make yourself so strong and powerful that the attackers think a hundred times before attacking. This is what the ruling Modi government at the Center has been doing for the last nine years, due to which the power-balance of the world has started getting disturbed. This government is so conscious of its national interests and global needs that it is not allowing the American lobby and the Russian lobby to run in front of the eternal and irrefutable Indian principles of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which is also embedded in non-alignment. Here American lobby means NATO countries like America, Britain, Canada, Germany. Whereas the Russian lobby refers to the SEATO countries like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Turkey. India is engaged in the struggle to balance the despotic individual and collective interests of the misguided developed countries of the world by helping the third world countries and is achieving its goals slowly but steadily. Countries like France, Israel and Japan also openly help India on these issues. The third world war may be averted in the midst of a triangular war situation like this war love triangle, but the small wars that are being fought to maintain the global empire of the American faction and the Russian faction, they are gossiping about this. It is a matter of how long this world, which has suffered the First World War and the Second World War, will finally be able to avoid the Third World War. Will the ammunition of the First World War, like the atomic bomb of the Second World War, space technology bloom in the Third World War and this time there will be a war in space apart from water, land and sky. If there is a need for a space war, should India also form a space alliance with Japan and France, like the US-UK alliance and the Russia-China alliance? I am saying all these things because recently a US Army officer had said that if need be, we are ready to fight in space as well. To refresh your memory, Russian and Chinese officials have also made similar threats in the past. If this happens, space war will cause more destruction than water, land or air war, because this world, which is moving fast with the help of information technology and information revolution, will suddenly stop as soon as the satellite falls and everything will be chaotic. This will affect life so much that without killing people will be ruined for other reasons. Will die of hunger-thirst-stress. If we look at the words of the above mentioned American official, then he clearly told that America is apprehensive about Russia’s continuous aggressive attitude and China’s ambition to become a power in space and seeing the danger looming over its global empire, it can go to any extent. History is witness that whenever the kings were in danger of snatching their throne, they used to blow the bugle of war. This is also often cited as the reason for the democratic war of words and the border war that broke out in the election year. Brigadier General Jesse Morehouse, Deputy Director in the US Department of Space Control for Policy, Planning and Strategy, arrived in London in the third week of May 2023 to attend the Space Operations Summit 2023 of the two countries. Where joint capabilities of Britain and America in space were openly discussed. After this, what Morehouse said in the US Embassy is a clear indication for Russia-China that if the Russia-Ukraine war does not stop and then the China-Taiwan war flares up, then America can do what no one can imagine. . He bluntly said that if we need to, we are ready to fight a war in space even tonight. If any country threatens America or tries to harass or hinder any of their interests in any way, we are ready to fight tonight. . If you have a detailed understanding of the space war, then it will prove to be such a master stroke of America, which will destroy the economy and life of China-India, two strong and close countries of Russia. Then Russia will be left with no option but to lay down arms. That’s why India should make a strong strategy to prevent the possible side effects of space war. At the same time, do not let such a situation arise between America and Russia that America has to once again show its fierceness, as it did during World War II, on August 6, 1945, two atomic bombs on the two important cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He has dropped it. US role on Vietnam, Libya, Iraq is well known. He has also been infamous in the violent tussle between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The military effort being made by Russian President Vladimir Putin to show such a tragic country its extent in Ukraine is commendable. China-India support they are getting directly or indirectly is also appropriate for maintaining world balance. But the latest outburst of American and NATO does not sow the seeds of a Third World War (Space War), both diplomatic and strategic efforts will have to be made and in taking concrete measures to ensure that Indian life remains unaffected even after the sudden satellite shutdown. That is wisdom. It has also been said that if you think ahead, you are always happy.

(The author is a freelance commentator.)

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