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Sunday, October 1, 2023


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NewsWays to use an iron every day

Ways to use an iron every day

Most often, many housewives use the iron to iron clothes, but this is not the only use of it in everyday life, and it will save you a lot of time. Today we are going to tell you the secrets of using an iron and more.

Clothing restoration

Look carefully at what material the clothes are made of. If it’s wool, spandex or lycra, you can fix it without worry. These fibers stretch with heat, so point the iron in the direction of the fibers and you’re done. Move the iron very carefully so as not to distort the clothes.

Soften your towels

If you want your towels to become soft again, iron them. This is best done using the steam function, which penetrates the fabric, softening it, lifting and hollowing out the villi. This way, your towels will be extra fluffy. The only thing you need to be careful about is not to press too hard with the iron. Otherwise, you will get exactly the opposite result.

Order in the closet.

image source: 123rf.com

Save space in the closet

Housewives are always looking for ways to save closet space, and ironing can help with that too. The fact is that when you iron, the fibers of your clothes shrink and therefore decrease in volume. The greatest effect is seen when ironing large items such as sheets or tablecloths. Try this money-saving way and see how much space you have in your closet.

Smooth shower curtains

Very often, shower curtains become very wrinkled after washing, and it is impossible for them to look clean and your bathroom to look good. However, there is a method you can try: ironing your shower curtains.

This must be done very carefully, as the plastic can easily melt under the heat of your iron. To avoid this, first place a thick towel between the curtain and the iron. With it, you’ll let in enough heat to get rid of creases, but not enough to melt the curtain. And remember, it’s better to go over the area twice to iron it than to burn the curtain and change it. So take it easy, don’t leave the iron in one place too long, and make sure the curtain isn’t too hot.

remove the glue

You can also use the iron to remove stickers, labels, adhesives. Set the iron to low or medium heat and cover the adhesive area with a clean cloth. This will protect the surface and prevent the glue from sticking directly to the iron. Then place the hot iron on the fabric and press lightly for a few seconds. The heat will help soften the glue. Remove the iron and gently try to remove the adhesive with your fingers or a plastic spatula.

Hem in a minute

Hemming, marking, finishing – all of this is much easier to do with an iron.

Girl in a red dress.

image source: 123rf.com

Remove hem pleats

If you have creases in your hem after sitting down, you don’t have to wait for the next wash to remove them. It is enough to moisten the surface a little and iron it.

Remove wax stains

Once dry, the wax is difficult to remove. However, there is a solution: simply place a paper towel, such as kitchen paper, over the wax stain, making sure it covers it completely. Set the iron to medium heat and lightly press the stain. Under the heat, the wax will melt and transfer to paper. After removing the wax, wash the clothes to remove any remaining wax.

The man lays down the mattress.

image source: 123rf.com

Disinfect mattresses and pillows

You can use an iron to disinfect. The only thing you need to do is set it to the highest temperature – safe for the mattress or pillow material – and work on small areas by rubbing it slowly across the surface. The heat from the iron will be enough to kill dust mites and bacteria if you hold it over each area for at least 15-30 seconds to make sure it heats up efficiently.

Get rid of glitter

To remove those annoying sparkles left on your clothes, you can rub the area with a sponge lightly soaked in white vinegar. Then you cover it with a cloth and put the iron back on.

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