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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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WorldAsiaElon Musk: The interests of America and China are intertwined, like joined children are inseparable from each other.

Elon Musk: The interests of America and China are intertwined, like joined children are inseparable from each other.

Three years later, Musk, the CEO of the American Tesla company, again set foot on Chinese soil. On 30 May, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Kang called on him. Musk made it clear that Tesla is trying to isolate and break the chain in the business sector; opposes. He drew a vivid analogy: the interests of the US and China are intertwined, like conjoined children inseparable from each other. Musk has expressed the aspirations of many American businesses, and the Washington side should listen carefully. Musk has never hidden his special focus on the Chinese market.

Three years ago, they went to Shanghai to attend the delivery ceremony of the Chinese-made Model 3 and did a happy dance there. In the past three years, Tesla has deeply involved in the Chinese market and made huge achievements. According to Tesla’s annual report, the annual delivery volume of Tesla’s Shanghai plant will reach 7.1 million vehicles in 2022, accounting for more than half of the global delivery volume. From January to April this year, Tesla delivered over 1.7 lakh vehicles to the Chinese market, an increase of over 61% compared to 2022.

A month ago, the Tesla Energy Storage Gigafactory project was established in Shanghai Linkang New Area. Analysts believe that the Chinese market is still very important for an automobile giant like Tesla. Since the beginning of this year, CEOs of major US companies such as Apple, JPMorgan Chase and General Motors have visited China one after the other. Musk’s visit to China this time continues this phenomenon. On the one hand, the US government is doing its best to encourage domestic companies to delink from China and reduce risks, and on the other hand, executives of US companies have come to China one after another.

Isn’t this the best proof that China’s development is an opportunity for the world. People noted that a week ago, the Chinese Minister of Commerce held discussions with US-funded enterprises in Shanghai, stressing that China will resolutely promote high-level opening-up and open up to US-funded enterprises. will continue to welcome China’s development. Representatives of US-funded enterprises present at the meeting expressed that they remain optimistic about the development prospects of the Chinese market and are willing to further develop the Chinese market.

Capital will go where the returns are high. It is an economic law. According to Chinese official estimates, the rate of return on foreign direct investment in China has reached 9.1% over the past five years, compared to only about 3% in Europe and the US. According to a survey by the American Chamber of Commerce in China, 66% of American companies in China said they would maintain or increase investments in China over the next two years. American enterprises clearly see that their government’s suppression and control of China will ultimately harm the interests of enterprises, and they do not want to be a victim of politics.

The British Financial Times recently published an article saying that the West is at a great risk of believing that only by controlling China can they get rid of the risk. Jensen Huang, chief executive of US semiconductor company Nvidia, warned last week that there is only one Chinese market in the world, and that if US companies were banned from selling chips to China, they would suffer big losses. The economies of China and the United States are deeply integrated, and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides is not only in the interests of the two countries, but also beneficial to the world.

Compared to politicians in Washington, Musk has a rational and sober understanding of this. The Chinese side also used Tesla as a metaphor in the meeting with Musk, saying that mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation should steer the steering wheel for the sound development of China-US relations. It is necessary to keep it in the right direction. Step on the brake to avoid dangerous driving and step on the gas pedal to promote mutually beneficial cooperation.(Credit-China Media Group, Beijing)

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