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Saturday, September 23, 2023


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Newsgovernors of five regions reported UAVs, shelling and explosions

governors of five regions reported UAVs, shelling and explosions

On the morning of June 2, authorities in five Russian regions bordering Ukraine reported nighttime bombardments and attacks, including by drones. The leaders of the regions gave details of the incidents in their telegraph channels.

Smolensk region

On the night of June 2, in two districts of the Smolensk region – Pochinkovsky and Smolensky – drones were attacked two objects of the fuel and energy complex. According to acting governor Vasily Anokhin, there were no casualties, injuries or “critical damage”.

By data source from the Shot telegram channel, drones attacked a gas distribution and oil refining station.

“At the gas station <…> the administrative building of workshop no. 3 was partially damaged, there were no injuries or fires. At the site of the detonation, a one and a half meter crater and parts of the UAV were found,” Shot wrote.

The second explosion, according to the telegram channel, occurred at the Transneft oil refinery in the Pochinkovsky district. According to Shot, around 100 cubic meters of fire extinguishing water tank was damaged in the attack. Mr.

“A priori, there were no casualties or fires. The guard found a funnel with a diameter and depth of 20 cm,” the publication notes.

Base clarifies that the gas distribution station is located in the village of Divasi. According to the Telegram channel, the administrative building was damaged following the explosion. The attacked Transneft station is located in the village of Peresna, notes Baza.

Kaluga region

Governor of Kaluga region Vladislav Shapsha informed that an “unidentified object” fell in the forest of the Kirovsky district, after which an explosion occurred.

“Economic facilities and residential buildings were not damaged. The inhabitants were not injured,” assured the head of the region. He did not provide any other details on what happened.

A day earlier in the Dzerzhinsky district of the Kaluga region near the village of Tovarkovo fell undefined object. At the site of his fall, a funnel formed and the grass caught fire, no one was injured. By data Turned, we are talking about the Tu-141 Swift drone.

Kursk region

The head of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, said that on the night of June 2, “several Ukrainian drones were shot down near Kursk by an air defense system”.

“We ask the inhabitants of Kursk to remain calm, the city is under the reliable protection of our military,” the head of the region stressed.

By data Baza, a total of eight drones were shot down in the area, the attack lasted half an hour. The wreckage of the drone damaged several houses, including those on Lineynaya and Rabochaya streets, the publication said.

At the same time Baza reported about an “unknown object” that hit a five-story residential building on Soyuznaya Street in Kursk.

Bryansk region

Bryansk region governor Alexander Bogomaz reported that the region was fired on twice from the Ukrainian side in the morning. According to him, the villages were bombed Lomakovka Starodubsky Municipal District and New help Suzemsky district. According to Bogomaz, there were no casualties. In Novaya Pogoshcha, a residential semi-detached house caught fire, the head of the region added.

Belgorod region

Governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov writing that the night of June 1-2 “passed relatively calmly”.

“Yesterday, around two in the morning in the Shebekinsky district, I heard that the shelling of the territory by the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues,” he added.

On June 1, the Belgorod region was subjected to massive shelling. Many residents of the town of Shebekino and other border towns were evacuated to Belgorod. The authorities do not carry out a mass evacuation, explaining that it is not prudent to gather many people in the same place during the bombardments.

Gladkov reported that there were more than 2.5 thousand people in temporary accommodation centers.

“Of course, the conditions are quite difficult. Difficult insofar as these are huge sports facilities, where there are hundreds of beds, where both adults and children sleep, old people and young people, ”admitted the governor.

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