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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAsiaRahul's sorrow

Rahul’s sorrow

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is in America these days and he is in limelight in Indian media for whatever he says in his speech. On Thursday, while addressing Indian students at the prestigious Stanford University campus in California, he said that when he entered politics in 2000, he had not imagined that he would be disqualified from the Lok Sabha membership. But at the same time he also admits that after losing the Lok Sabha membership, he used the time as an opportunity to serve the people. But he did not forget to say that conspiracies were hatched to oust him from the Lok Sabha as he was raising his voice against the government for giving money to some of his fellow businessmen.

In fact, in 2019, Surat court sentenced him to two years for calling Modi surname a thief, then as per the order of the Supreme Court, his membership was terminated immediately. The Supreme Court’s order to end membership immediately is such that the Dr. Manmohan Singh government wanted to improve, but at that time it could not be done because of Rahul Gandhi’s opposition and now Rahul Gandhi has become the victim of the same order.

No matter how much political argument Rahul may give for losing his membership, but the truth is that he has not got much relief even from the session and the High Court. The biggest reality is that he blames everyone for going to the membership, but whatever he said in the rally on Modi surname, he does not have any remorse because he did not say it by mistake but deliberately. Told to spoil. But the big question is that Rahul sometimes calls Modi ignorant, sometimes blames the Indian government for losing his membership, sometimes presents a negative picture of the plight of Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits in India. It is expected that he can tarnish Modi’s image by criticizing him for the current situation in India. It doesn’t seem that Rahul’s speeches in America are going to have any impact on Modi’s image. If Modi was so unsuccessful, useless and ignorant, then his economic and diplomatic successes would not have been discussed so much in the world including America. (sp)

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