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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAfricaSudan.. 500 dead and 13 neighborhoods destroyed in the capital of West Darfur

Sudan.. 500 dead and 13 neighborhoods destroyed in the capital of West Darfur

Since mid-May, the city has witnessed heavy fighting, security chaos, looting, looting, burning and humanitarian violations that have caused great terror among the local population.

In addition to the growing wave of flight abroad; Tens of thousands of children have been forced to flee to other towns and villages or seek refuge in mosques and schools in less dangerous neighborhoods.

Community activist Manal Abkiro said the mosques in the city of El Geneina were filled with children, old people and women fleeing conflict areas and living in a very difficult and miserable situation, without food or drink.

The looting included many parts of the city, especially those in the south, and extended to organizations’ headquarters, relief stores, hospitals, and public facilities. The destruction of the city has affected all health facilities, police stations, prosecutors and the justice system. The city also suffers from a severe shortage of electricity, communications and transport services.

Community activist Ali Haroun told Sky News Arabia that the humanitarian situation in the area was deteriorating horribly in light of the closure of roads to markets and the few health centers available there. Aaron spoke of widespread arson and looting.

The State Doctors Union described the genocide and the permissiveness of the city of El Geneina as a crime that violates all rights, values ​​and customs. He called on local and international civil and humanitarian institutions to lend a hand to those affected.

These events come amid high security and tribal tensions in many parts of the Darfur region, and in light of central authorities’ concern over the 7-week war in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, between the army and the Rapid Support Force.

Looting and rioting are on the rise in a number of parts of the Darfur region, which has seen the longest war on the African continent and has continued since 2003, killing 300,000 people and displacing millions.

Despite the signing of the Sudanese peace agreement in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, in October 2020, the situation in Darfur is still experiencing great security unrest and evident fragility, the characteristics of which were strongly evident in the events that took place. erupted in recent months, which killed and injured thousands of defenseless civilians, including women and children.

In addition to the spread of more than two million weapons in the region; The fragmentation and proliferation of armed movements raise serious concerns and cloud the chances of success of stabilization efforts in areas that have suffered from civil conflict.

It is estimated that there are more than 87 armed movements in Sudan, including 84 in the Darfur region alone.

Since October 2021, violence has occurred in Darfur more than 10 times, killing more than 2,000 people, including women and children, and burning down entire villages.

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