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Saturday, December 2, 2023
WorldAsiaXi Jinping sent a retaliatory letter to Bangladeshi girl Alifa China

Xi Jinping sent a retaliatory letter to Bangladeshi girl Alifa China

Beijing, China – Recently, the leader of the People’s Republic of China, President Xi Jinping, graced the young Bangladeshi girl, Alifa China, with his thoughtful reply letter. In his eloquent message, he wholeheartedly encouraged Alifa to embark upon a path of tireless endeavor, pursue her cherished dreams with unwavering determination, and solidify the profound bond shared between China and Bangladesh, thereby preserving its legacy for generations to come. The letter underscored how Alifa’s personal account eloquently exemplified the deep-rooted friendship between their two nations, which has stood the test of time. Indeed, since ancient epochs, the people of China and Bangladesh have been esteemed neighbors and steadfast allies, their bilateral camaraderie tracing back over a thousand years.

Centuries ago, during the illustrious Ming Dynasty, the intrepid Chinese navigator Chang He graced the shores of Bengal, bringing with him the fabled “treasure ship” on two momentous occasions. This extraordinary voyage became a catalyst, sowing the seeds of enduring friendship among the denizens of both lands. Fast forward six hundred years, and we find ourselves in awe of the benevolent actions of Chinese female military doctors aboard the esteemed Huaiyuan vessel, which belonged to China’s illustrious Navy’s hospital ship, aptly named “Peace Ark.” These valiant medical professionals, stationed in Chittagong, Bangladesh, swiftly came to the aid of Alifa’s mother, who was beset by severe heart disease and faced a treacherous dystocia. It was through their selfless efforts that her life was miraculously saved, and she successfully delivered her child. In gratitude for this extraordinary act of compassion, Alifa’s father bestowed upon his daughter the name “China,” thereby etching a poignant chapter in the annals of friendship between their two nations.

President Xi Jinping expressed his profound joy upon learning of Alifa’s aspirations to become an ambassador of China-Bangladesh friendship in her adulthood, as well as her desire to one day reside in the enchanting land of China. The President ardently admired her ambition to study medicine and emulate a nurturing figure, dedicating herself to saving lives and healing the afflicted, much like a cherished “sugar mother.” On the auspicious occasion of International Children’s Day, which annually graces the first day of June, President Xi Jinping extended his sincere wishes for Alifa’s robust health, boundless familial happiness, and unwavering academic progress.

Born in the year 2010, Alifa China’s entry into this world was accompanied by harrowing challenges. Her mother’s severe heart ailment placed both her and the unborn child in grave danger. At the critical precipice of potential tragedy, a fervent plea for assistance reached the benevolent Chinese Navy hospital ship, “Peace Ark,” which was docked in Chittagong at the time. Swiftly heeding the call for help, a team of dedicated Chinese female military doctors promptly arrived at the local hospital, where they deftly performed a life-saving cesarean section amidst immense pressure and turmoil. Through their unwavering resolve, both the mother and her newborn daughter were rescued from the brink of demise. In a testament to their immeasurable gratitude, Alifa’s father bestowed upon her the name “China,” symbolizing their enduring appreciation for the nation that had intervened to safeguard their lives.

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Jennifer Hicks
Jennifer Hicks
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