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Friday, September 29, 2023


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WorldEuropeAndrew Tate Caught On The Mat In Controversial Interview - 'I'm Doing You A Favor'

Andrew Tate Caught On The Mat In Controversial Interview – ‘I’m Doing You A Favor’

Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate has finally been released from prison and is currently under house arrest at his home in Romania. He is there for investigation and is suspected of having been guilty of sexual offenses, human trafficking and of abusing women. Tate is best known for his extreme views based on misogyny and the bizarre idea that men are some kind of leader sheep, or alphas, but this ideology has gained a lot of resonance within the sex-hungry male community, or incels as they call themselves, a group who believe their chastity is the fault of women because they have forgotten their supposed place in the pecking order of humanity.

Tate has agreed to provide the BBC news agency interview of house arrest, where he answered for his controversial opinions and the charges against him. As before, Tate denies any wrongdoing and when asked if his conservative views on women are harmful to young people, Tate said he was following God’s instructions to do good things.

Denies the existence of the alleged victim

The BBC’s Lucy Williams told Tate about a woman who came forward in a BBC interview earlier this year on condition of anonymity but known only as Sophie, and said that Tate had abused and raped her. Tate had a ready-made response to these accusations and said this alleged woman simply did not exist, but a BBC staged fabrication. Sophie claimed she thought Tate was in love with her and followed him to Romania. There he forced her to indulge in pornography and also forced her to tattoo Tate’s name on her body.

Asked about Sophie’s account, Tate replied:

“I’m doing you a favor, as a psychic with a legacy, and I’m making you talkative by talking to you.” And I’m telling you now that this Sophie, which is a BBC fabrication, has no face. No one knows who she is. But I know.”

However, the BBC noted that Sophie is real and is currently assisting Romanian police in their investigation into Tate’s alleged wrongdoing.

Tate also dismissed accusations that his opinions were toxic and aimed to fuel the fire of nudity culture. Tate called those claims “absolute rubbish.” His views do not promote misogyny and he has never encouraged his followers to attack women.

“I preach hard work, discipline. I am an athlete. I speak against drugs. I speak for faith, I speak against alcohol. I speak out against knife crime. Anything wrong with society modern is something I’m against.”

Says his comments were taken out of context

The joking comments he made were taken out of context and presented as his true opinions. Including a comment where he said a woman’s genitals belong to her male partner.

“I don’t know if you know what sarcasm is.” I don’t know if you understand the context. I don’t know if you can see what’s satirical and what’s not,” Tate said in the interview.

Lucy handed him a text that was on an old version of a website about online courses offered by Tate – Hösslara University. It stated that Tate’s goal was to meet a girl, go on a few dates, have sex with her, make her so in love she would do anything he said, and then have her webcam broadcast. , which is a type of porn work. It would aim to get rich.

Tate flatly denied saying that.

Lucy then asked him if he deliberately said supportive things online to gain followers and he replied:

“I am truly a force for good in the world.” You may not understand it yet, but you will eventually. And I really believe that I’m acting on God’s instructions to do good things and I want to make the world a better place.”

Lucy noted in her review of the interview that during the 40 minutes she spoke with Tate, he repeatedly told her she was saying stupid things and told her she needed to know more. . Tate made no demands or reservations on the subject before the start of the interview, but after the interview ended he accused the BBC of breaking its promise to ask only innocent questions. Tate then took to social media and informed his followers that he was going to post his own version of the interview, which he has now done.

The interview attracted a lot of attention and the BBC received both criticism and praise. Critics condemned the fact that Tate, who is suspected of serious crimes against women, was given a public platform to testify, while those who are positive pointed out that Lucy’s progress has been commendable, she has done well to this controversial man and just fuck him with words. However, Tate supporters disagree and, instead, feel that Tate behaved well in the interview and it was the reporter who was ostracized.

However, Tate noticed how the interview caught people’s attention and went viral on social media where he misbehaves and accuses the BBC of campaigning against him.


Here you can find the BBC interview and comments from Lucy Williams.

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