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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaWhat are Biden's chances of becoming President of the United States again?

What are Biden’s chances of becoming President of the United States again?

Joe Biden’s approval rating peaked before the election and fell to a record 38%. As the pundits say, the US leader’s chances of being re-elected for a second term are fading before our eyes. And there are several reasons for this: failed economic policy, doubts about the suitability of the 80-year-old president, and corruption scandals.

On the eve of news of the US Senate’s approval of the national debt ceiling, the national debt swooned amid Biden’s sandbag meltdown. Serious battles took place on the network. Some discussed the reaction of Air Force Academy graduates, who didn’t even look back, while others discussed how the fall would affect the president’s grades.

In the past four months, they have unearthed a new anti-record. 58% of respondents polled by CNN do not support the president’s policies.

Meanwhile, Republicans who control the House of Representatives have snuck in on what they believe is evidence that Biden, as vice president, took a $5 million bribe from a foreign. The fact of the existence of such a document was recognized by the FBI, stating that it could not verify the authenticity of the information expressed by the informant. They offered to get to know it personally, but within the confines of the office. Republicans were not happy with this and they threatened the FBI with contempt of the US Congress.

“We found Joe Biden was lying when he said his family never got any money from China. He did it when he was vice president. And we found five new Biden family members involved in this scheme. We’ve seen it in Romania, we’ve seen it in China, we’ve seen it in other countries,” Rep. James Comer said.

The Washington Post acknowledges that as Vice President, Joe Biden came and gave speeches aimed at fighting corruption in Romania and Ukraine. And his son Hunter Biden was doing business there at the same time. What Republicans call influence peddling. But even the special prosecutor appointed by Donald Trump has failed to catch him by the hand in four years.

“I think the situation will continue in the same way. Republicans will present the world with monstrous new Biden crimes, but in general it will have no effect, since the stage that political technologists call vaccination is now underway. A certain indifference to these materials is created among voters, ”said political scientist Alexander Asafov.

The story of harassment has also gone unnoticed in the United States, where Biden was accused three years ago by his aide in the senator’s office in the 1990s. Earlier this week, Tara Reid gave a press conference at Moscow and said she no longer felt safe in the United States. In addition, she condemned Washington’s military assistance to Kyiv and said she would apply for Russian citizenship.

“Americans are very sensitive to talking about Russophobia. Polls show that people do not support the US proxy war in Ukraine. This year, the defense budget topped $1 trillion for the first time as the US economy collapsed,” says Tara Reid, an intern in the office of US Senator Joe Biden.

The incident with Biden’s fall was not the only one in the past 24 hours. As one of the White House pool correspondents later reported, the US leader hit his head as he exited the helicopter. When asked how he felt, he shouted that he wouldn’t answer questions today and danced.

Remember that Donald Trump could become Joe Biden’s main competitor in the next US presidential election. At the end of last year, he filed an official request for the presidential nomination.

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