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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsia3 cities of China provide excellent facilities for startup incubation

3 cities of China provide excellent facilities for startup incubation

Nowadays, many cities have started incubation centers all over the world with the aim of encouraging startups and providing them a conducive environment and investing in their business ideas. Entrepreneurs starting startups in these centers are provided with the right environment and ecosystem to work with their full efficiency, which is called incubation. It means necessary in Hindi. To provide heat like the birds sitting on the children living in the eggs, means to provide the necessary heat so that they can develop well. In the same way these startups i.e. new business ideas are nurtured and nurtured and by investing all kinds of money, facilities, technology, talent and time, they are provided with the necessary environment to make them successful. So currently there are ten cities in the world doing this, where startups are being given the best environment and they are being taken care of. Three of those ten cities are in China. Including China’s capital Beijing, business and industrial center Shanghai and technology and export hub Shenzhen. G20 Group’s Startup Research Center and Beijing Normal University jointly released Startup Incubation Index of Global Cities for the year 2023 at the Chongquantsun Forum Did it The index is meant to give a fixed score to a startup incubation taking into account all the important aspects affecting it. The report is also considered a barometer of the development of global cities incubation. That is, in which city the development of incubation is getting better and what kind of facilities they are getting, that is, overall this index evaluates the main cities of the world in an all-round way. Apart from the cities of China, New York, London, San Francisco, Boston, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Chicago are also included in this report. The way Shanghai is the main city of commercial, financial and business activities on the east coast of China and here the world Shanghai is considered to be the busiest port in the world and hosts traders from all over the world, as well as Shenzhen, the main city of Guangdong Province, located in the south of China and neighboring Hong Kong. In terms of urban population, Shenzhen has the third largest population after Beijing and Shanghai. Like Shanghai, the port of Shanchan is also very busy and is considered to be the fourth busiest container port in the world. Shanchan is known as a technology, manufacturing and trading center. The city of Shenzhen is famous worldwide for the investment of many foreign companies, home of eminent business personalities and its high-rise buildings and now its name is also included in the list of top 10 cities of startup incubation cities. According to the data, in the year 2022 Every day 293 new technology enterprises were established in Beijing, that is, one scientific and technology enterprise was born every five minutes. Beijing now has 102 unicorn enterprises, placing it third in the world. Unicorn means such start-up enterprises whose valuation is up to Rs 8000 crore even without being listed in any stock market. Their number has reached more than 1100 worldwide, while in India its figure has crossed 100 and there are more than 300 unicorn companies in China, with more than 100 in the capital Beijing alone. Most of these unicorn companies are technology There are startups associated with and they are also offering many technology related products and services to the new generation. Along with this, digitization of everything is also being done in the present era. And what products and services may be needed in the era of digitalization and which digital products are new in the world, with all these information and exhibitions, the Asian Digital Display & Showcase Expo 2023 was also organized in Quanzhou city recently. The event was a part of the Canton Fair and this is the fourth time that the expo has been organized during the Canton Fair. It started from the year 2021, as well as last year it was organized twice in the year 2022 – in May and August – and now once again in the month of May of the year 2024, all the digital product makers of Asia will come together. Will be together again. In this expo, companies making digital products and their buyers can meet each other. It is noteworthy that in this expo, an exhibition of the latest and high-tech digital products such as talking multimedia technology, new types of printers, vertical sliding screen, holographic phantom imaging technology was also put up.(Reporter-Vivek Sharma)

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