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Monday, September 25, 2023


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Science and TechnologyArtificial IntelligenceBack to "life in the forest"... a possible result of artificial intelligence

Back to “life in the forest”… a possible result of artificial intelligence

The most serious threat is the warning of a senior British Terrorism Watch official, Jonathan Hall KC, whose role is to review the adequacy of anti-terrorism legislation.

The UK official said the threat to national security from artificial intelligence was more apparent than ever and the technology needed to be designed with terrorist intentions in mind.

He added that he was “increasingly concerned about the scope of AI-powered chatbots to persuade vulnerable people to launch terror attacks”, according to British newspaper The Observer.

The founders and innovators of artificial intelligence programs and the companies themselves were involved in sending these warnings, and they are similar to the warnings issued by scientists whose research has contributed to the production of nuclear energy during World War II, about the dangers of using this invention to make bombs that destroy humanity.

The human spirit is threatened

Digital transformation and information security expert Ziyad Abdel-Tawab lists to Sky News Arabia the fears of not legalizing the development of artificial intelligence:

• A person’s reliance on artificial intelligence may in the future reduce their reliance on their human mind and lead to their capabilities atrophying, so that they become less intelligent.

• This case has already been an example of this, that man’s dependence on machines has caused him to use his muscles less, and he has become physically weaker than in previous ages.

• Applications of artificial intelligence can cause job losses, which means an increase in unemployment and its crises.

• The rapid access of these programs to billions of people in a short time threatens the rapid emergence of their effects.

The warnings keep coming

A few days ago, a statement was released by top experts and business people in this field, including the creator of the “Chat GBT” program, Sam Altman, and released by the Center for Artificial Intelligence Security ( a non-profit organization based in San Francisco), calling for making the fight against the risks of artificial intelligence a global priority. Like pandemics and nuclear war, it is, he said, a “final warning”.

Altman continues to express fears that artificial intelligence could cause “serious damage to the world”, falsifying the results of electoral processes, for example, or causing radical changes in the labor market.

These concerns prompted 1,300 business leaders working in artificial intelligence and information and communication technologies two months ago to sign a document calling for a halt to the development of artificial intelligence technologies for a period of at least 6 months, until an ethical charter for their work is drawn up.

Jeffrey Hinton, one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence, previously warned of its “serious dangers to society and humanity” when he left his job at the giant company “Google” in the beginning may.

A slew of executives from IT giants in the United States held a group of meetings at the White House, attended by the US Vice President, demanding a decision on drafting legislation to regulate the system development process.

The issue figured prominently in the discussions of the seven industrialized countries at their recent meetings, amid news of the preparation of a charter that controls this development at the next meeting.

lethal weapon

According to Abdel-Tawab, there are other dimensions to the danger of not establishing charters for the development of artificial intelligence, in particular that it becomes a weapon in cyberwars and the development of conventional weapons, after having worked with artificial intelligence techniques. There are also concerns that these technologies could contribute to an increase in suicide rates, especially after an incident in Norway raised alarm bells when a person had been talking with artificial intelligence apps for 6 months of the year. future of life on the planet, and ended up committing suicide. Its dangers to education, work, creativity and the arts have also begun to manifest themselves, as evidenced by the events of publishing songs with giant voices to sing despite their death, such as Umm Kulthum, which causes trouble property rights or a distortion of history. of art. Also, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has obtained approval from the American authorities to conduct clinical trials on humans by implanting a chip inside the brain to be used in the treatment of hopeless cases, which opens the door to the possibility of the artificial intelligence system controlling a person.

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