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Thursday, September 21, 2023


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WorldAsiaProtecting the environment will be the protection of the earth

Protecting the environment will be the protection of the earth

– Ramesh Sarraf Dhamora

To keep our earth and life safe, it is very important to keep the environment safe. The whole world is moving towards modernity. Every day the use of such things is increasing all over the world due to which the environment is in danger. There is a deep connection between humans and the environment. Life is not possible without nature. In such a situation, humans have to keep pace with nature. But the environment is continuously getting polluted. Due to which many types of problems are increasing. Which are affecting our lives. Along with this, it is also becoming the reason for many natural calamities. Protection of the environment is necessary for a happy healthy life.

For this purpose, World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June. On this day people are made aware through various programs to preserve nature and not to play with it. Through these programs, people are made aware of things like planting trees, preserving trees, not cutting green trees, keeping rivers clean and not playing with nature. This time, all of us together should take a pledge to make the earth pollution free and start working in that direction.

World Environment Day was celebrated for the first time in 1972 by the United Nations. But its celebration globally started on 5 June 1974 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Where the Environment Conference was organized in the presence of 119 countries. Also, it was decided to celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June every year. The United Nations Environment Program was also formed in this conference.

Every year a theme is set for World Environment Day. This year’s theme is based on the solution of plastic pollution. The programs organized on this day will be based on this theme. We have to take a resolution in our mind that we have to live in harmony with nature. On this Environment Day let us all think about what more we can do to make our earth clean and green. How can we move forward in this direction? Now nothing will happen just by planting saplings on Environment Day. Unless we are sure that we will take care of that plant till it becomes a tree.

Due to the rapid urbanization in the country, a large amount of agricultural land has been lost to the population. Due to which the trees and plants there were cut and big buildings were built by closing the river drains. Due to which the animals and birds living there went elsewhere. But the lockdown has reminded people of their old days. In ancient times, trees were given the status of gods to protect the environment. So that they can be saved from being cut. They have been worshiped in the form of deities to prevent the cutting of dense shady trees like Bad Peepal. This is the reason why even today people do not cut banyan and peepal trees in the villages.

Man is considered to be the most intelligent creature created by nature. On the one hand, where he developed technology through science, on the other hand, he also did indiscriminate urbanization and industrialization. The result of this is that the smoke coming out of the industries, contaminated substances etc. are giving birth to pollution. Due to this water pollution, air pollution has happened. Due to excessive deforestation for housing and urbanization, problems like soil pollution and soil erosion have arisen. At present, pollution is not the problem of any one village, town or city, but it has become a huge problem of the whole world.

If the solution to the problem like pollution is not found in time, then the entire human race will have to bear the brunt of it. And it will have dire consequences that future generations will suffer along with us. According to the National Health Portal of India, about 80 lakh people die every year in the country due to air pollution. Due to air pollution, people are unable to get pure air. Which is having a bad effect on the lungs, heart and brain in our body. 34 percent of the people in the country die due to pollution.

Environment means the environment that surrounds us. that surrounds us from all sides. Environment literally means surrounded by all. Environment is a collective unit of all those physical, chemical and biological factors. Which affect an organism or ecosystem population. The natural cover around us which helps us to live easily is called environment.

Every resource is available to us from the environment which is necessary for any living being to live. Environment has gifted us air, water, food items, friendly environment etc. Environment plays an important role in the healthy living and existence of life on the planet earth. Earth is a home for various living species and we all depend on the environment for food, air, water and other needs. Therefore, it is important for each and every individual to save and protect their environment.

That time of lockdown three years ago was the best time ever from the point of view of environment. During that time, the level of air pollution has come down to the minimum level in the cities as well as in the rural areas. The water of all the rivers of the country had become drinkable. Which is nothing less than a miracle. Like last year, Environment Day is rarely celebrated again in the whole world. The government has been spending billions of rupees every year to make the water of the rivers pollution free. Even after that the water of the rivers does not get purified. During the lockdown, the water of the rivers was automatically purified without spending anything. According to environmentalists, the possibility of getting skin diseases was expressed on taking bath in the water of the rivers. It was a big deal for the water of those rivers to become pure. The river Ganga, considered to be the most polluted in the country, had become the river with the purest water.

The main purpose of celebrating World Environment Day is to bring together people of all countries to combat climate change and improve the management of forests, including other methods of environmental protection. People of all age groups have to be actively involved in this festival organized to save the earth in real sense. Deteriorating environmental balance has to be stopped due to rapid urbanization and continuous felling of forests.

On this day, we have to make common people a partner and make them realize that we and our future generations will have to bear the brunt of the deteriorating environmental imbalance. That’s why we need to be alert and aware about the environment from now itself. We have to work fast towards environmental protection, only then we will be able to balance the deteriorating environmental imbalance. Only then our future generations will be able to breathe pure air.

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