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Saturday, December 9, 2023
Pink Page"The abuse has put the body in complete imbalance"

“The abuse has put the body in complete imbalance”

Guðrún Bergmann struggled with poor health for years after being abused as a child. Guðrún, who is the latest guest on Sölva Tryggvason’s podcast, says she had a stomach ulcer when she was just 10 and doctors diagnosed her with a delusional illness:

“I was always looking for what was wrong with me and it got so far that the doctors had already diagnosed me with delusional disorder based on all the symptoms. But I knew taking a lot of medication was not for me because I had seen that it had a bad effect on the people around me. But the symptoms were often very persistent, whether it was infections or digestive problems or pain. It was only after a long road trip that I finally made the connection to the abuse I suffered as a child. I can see now that it created a lot of anxiety and threw the body out of balance. I had an ulcer on my stomach. stomach when I was 10, which I thought was rare, and after that I had a lot of digestive problems for many years. I had a lot of problems with my nervous system for many years.”

During his long career, Guðrún gave a large number of courses and wrote about twenty books, the last one is called Leið Hjartans and it deals with love and the transitions that happen in the world, according to Guðrún:

“The first thing we have to do is learn to love ourselves. Most of us have given from a half-empty tank because no one has taught us to love ourselves. being able to give ourselves to others. We live in a time when it has never been more important to take care of ourselves. Most of us need to calm our minds regularly, by meditating or by achieving the calm of a way or another. The way we sleep and eat is very important. We are currently going through evolution and upgrading as bodies in this life and can no longer close our eyes and ears. I know that many many people think it’s just nonsense to say such things, but I’m used to talking about things before they go mainstream. Things like sustainable communities, yoga, meditation, cooperation and more are things I talked about long before it was considered normal.”

Guðrún has long been unafraid to voice opinions that go against the mainstream and says it’s important for people to have the courage to speak their truth.

“Everyone should be allowed to choose their own path and no one should try to torture people into taking a different path than the one they have chosen. But never has it been more important to choose consciously than now. There are turbulent times in the world where governments and other forces are starting to intervene more in people’s lives.The COVID era has shown us things that should make us even more critical in our thinking than before. It wasn’t so long ago that people who talked about what was happening in Davos and the World Economic Forum were called conspirators, but now a lot of these things have gone public and are out in the open. hidden for a long time are being brought to light and now it’s not possible to just close your eyes. We’ve been to the Truman Show, but now the curtains are coming down and people are opening their eyes to what’s going on.”

When Guðrún is asked about things many people doubt, she says she has no choice but to speak her truth after things she says she has been through, including when her owner died:

“We are a spiritual being in a physical body. It’s the spirit that goes when people die, not the body. It will stay. I saw that when my husband died. He died at home and half an hour after he died, I saw that the spirit was gone. He looked like Gulli, but was not Gulli. The spirit had disappeared from the body. The spirit was what did everything in this body, for he himself said he was not that vehicle he was in, but a spirit. Just talking about it gives me goosebumps.”

You can access Guðrúna’s interview and all Sölva Tryggvason’s interviews and podcasts at solvitryggva.is

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