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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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Pink Page"Beauty has absolutely nothing to do with body image. A smile trumps BMI when it comes to beauty"

“Beauty has absolutely nothing to do with body image. A smile trumps BMI when it comes to beauty”

“Children, what I really want to say to you right now is this: ‘Don’t be afraid of life.’ Life is good and everything on the side of life is good, love is life, hope is life, joy is life, happiness is life, courage is life, resilience is life, laughter is life. There is no reason to be afraid of life, but the spirit of the times that we humans, create for ourselves or the prevailing mood in society can often and usually scare us.”

This is how the address of the parish priest of Hildur Eir Bolladóttir in the church of Akureyri to the spring 2023 confirmation children begins, but Hildur Eir published the address on his Facebook page and website This weekend.

“It’s because we humans have a very special way of not listening to Jesus, but insisting on everything he asks us to let go of, sometimes it’s like we’re all on the fence at About Jesus For example, Jesus asks us to stop comparing ourselves to others and instead encourages us to celebrate how unique each of us is, because each of us is a special edition that has a specific role to play in the world.

The world needs diversity

And although only a few years have passed since the confirmations of the year, the words of the priest remind us of the good values ​​of life, whether one adheres to the Christian faith or not.

“That’s why not everyone has the same strengths and the same intelligence and the same abilities, it’s because the world needs diversity, otherwise naturally there will be no progress or change.” Imagine if, say, all high school students were good at math and nothing else, would everyone go to engineering and no one to nursing, education, or hairdressing? Think about how important it is that some people have no particular interest in math or find it harder to navigate so that they realize their strengths are just in a whole different place. Yet we have a school system that is very scary to anyone who cannot learn math. Which of course is crazy,” says Hildur Eir.

Hildur also talks about the cult of appearance in society, which is certainly not new.

“The spirit of the times also says everyone should be skinny and sets it up so that if you’re not skinny you’re not attractive or good looking and there are even stores of clothes that only sell clothes up to certain sizes so that those who are tighter don’t shop there.It is, so to speak, the contribution of the zeitgeist to scare people so that ‘they have their carnal on the brain and constantly stressing over the calories and some even getting sick, getting an eating disorder which is a serious illness when the truth is not everyone is supposed to be in the the same weight or the same size of clothes. We are each made up of a certain genetic makeup that controls a lot of that, and the main thing is that we exercise and eat healthy to be healthy and That some growth is more beautiful than another is the idea of ​​the zeitgeist created by some forces other than God, to some extent monetary forces that take advantage of our discontent and scare us to the point of their slavery. Beauty has absolutely nothing to do with body image. A smile is more important than a BMI when it comes to beauty.”

Hildur Eir also addresses homosexuality and queer reality, and this love is a diverse phenomenon.

“Also think if everyone was heterosexual how much more boring and colorless the world would be, think how wonderful and grateful it is that homosexuality and queer reality can bring love into more dimensions and we showing that love is much more about two people that relate to unique bonds rather than the obligation to start a traditional family and have two children and a car.”

Jesus had no material possessions

“Dear confirmation children, do not be afraid. Jesus whom you confess today as your leader, never owned real estate, no money, he did not marry as far as we know, he does not never said that people should be heterosexual rather than homosexual, he never talked about the heritage of people’s flesh, that is to say that it is better to be thin or fat , he had all kinds of friends and girlfriends with different intelligences and talents, he didn’t wear designer clothes, but everyone listened to him and noticed him. always rested in between and took a break and gave himself time to refresh himself, it is indicated in the Gospels because he did not wear himself out He rested in the role that God gave him had destined and submitted everything to God in prayer. This is the person you intend to have as a leader and a major influence in life,” says Hildur Eir.

She says that Jesus certainly suffered, but he also came out of suffering “to confirm what he wants you to know, that you don’t have to be afraid of life.” Life is good, what is not good is people’s fear of surrendering to the Divine, but the Divine is love, gratitude, joy, courage, sincerity, justice, tolerance and love of truth. It is the fear of men that casts a shadow over life, nothing else. God bless you today, be faithful to God and strive to live a fearless life. Everything will be alright.”

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