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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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NewsMassive death of fish in Udmurtia and arson of a police car near Volgograd. Regional News

Massive death of fish in Udmurtia and arson of a police car near Volgograd. Regional News

In Udmurtia, due to the dumping of waste into the Vala River, there was a mass death of fish, in the Volgograd region, unidentified persons set fire to the car of the head of the regional traffic police, and in the Okrug Autonomous Khanty-Mansiysk, they are fighting 22 natural fires with an area of ​​almost 6,000 hectares. Russian media has compiled a summary of important and high-profile regional events.

Stavropol region

A resident of Stavropol killed a friend, but could not leave his apartment, reports newstracker.ru . Friends threw a party in the village of Nezhinsky. During the quarrel, the guest attacked the opponent with a stool and a knife. The victim succumbed to his injuries. After that, the person involved tried to escape, but could not because the door was locked and there were metal bars on the windows. The police arrested him at the scene of the murder.

Republic of Udmurtia

In the Vavozhsky district of Udmurtia, waste dumped into the Vala River caused a massive death of fish. This was reported to the regional Ministry of Natural Resources. The incident is under the control of the prosecutor’s office, Rosprirodnadzor and the Interior Ministry, writes udm-info.ru . Currently, a number of reviews are underway, the results of which will determine the extent of damage to nature.

Republic of Tatarstan

In Nizhnekamsk, a 4-year-old child fell from the balcony of an apartment on the fifth floor of a building. According to the prosecutor’s office, the boy was home alone at the time: his parents were working and his older brother went to visit him, writes inkazan . The child was hospitalized, a control is in progress, his evolution is controlled by the public prosecutor’s office of the city.

Volgograd region

In the Volgograd region, unidentified persons set fire to the car of the head of the traffic police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kalachevsky district, the newspaper writes. newsvolgograda.ru . According to eyewitnesses, someone threw a bottle containing flammable liquid into the car. Currently, law enforcement is looking for an intruder, they are studying CCTV footage.

Sverdlovsk region

A 33-year-old resident of Asbest committed the murder of a 26-year-old young man, suggesting that he and his company made noise in the courtyard, writes tagilcity.ru . The man began to insult the company from the window of the apartment. A conflict breaks out between the opponents. At one point, the accused came out into the street, carrying a knife with him, and struck the young man repeatedly with it.

Khabarovsk region

The owner of the building where the 15-year-old died has been placed under house arrest. As written transsibinfo.com , the investigation revealed that the unfinished building belonged to Empire Stroy LLC. In 2019, the Khabarovsk district prosecutor’s office demanded that the dangerous building be fenced off so children and teenagers wouldn’t roam inside, but the owner of the abandoned building simply wrapped the facade with duct tape.

Chelyabinsk region

In Magnitogorsk, they are looking for a 12-year-old schoolgirl wearing a feathered T-shirt. As written kursdela.biz , Milana Poryadina disappeared on May 26. Among the signs of the missing woman are a height of 140 cm, shoulder-length black hair and a slim physique. Anyone with information about the girl is asked to contact the police or volunteers.


8-year-old boy drowned in Iskitim, Novosibirsk region, writes atas.info with reference to the press service of the regional commission of inquiry. Local residents reported that the child’s toys and bicycle had been left on the shore and that he himself had been left without adult supervision.


In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug they are fighting 22 natural fires over an area of ​​almost 6,000 hectares. According to the information muksun.fm , the services put out two landscape fires with a total area of ​​270 hectares and 20 forest fires over an area of ​​5139.75 hectares. It is noted that four fires were located over an area of ​​216 hectares. During the day, there were 16 new thunderstorm fires. The Kondinsky district suffers the most from natural fires.

Belgorod region

Residents of the Belgorod region are intimidated by fakes about the forced evacuation in the Grayvoron district. According bel.ru fake data is distributed through fake local government telegram channel.

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