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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAsiaWhy so much ruckus on Rahul's statement?

Why so much ruckus on Rahul’s statement?

—Anil Narendra

In response to a question asked at the National Pros Club in Washington DC, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that the Muslim League is completely secular. Rahul Gandhi was asked whether the Congress alliance with the Indian Union Muslim League in Kerala is not against secularism? In response to this, Rahul said – There is no such thing as against secularism with the Muslim League. I think the person who sent this question has not read Muslim League properly. Rahul Gandhi was answering many questions related to India at the National Pros Club in Washington. Let us tell you that pros conference in Washington National Pros Club is not for everyone. There, so many crooked-straight questions are asked that the air of the good ones comes out. So! He was also questioned about India’s stand in the Russian attack on Ukraine. Rahul supported the policy of the Modi government. The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) is a regional political party in Kerala and has traditionally been part of the Congress-led coalition UDF.

The BJP is upset about what Rahul Gandhi has said during his US tour and is making serious allegations against Rahul. Taking a dig, BJP leader Amit Malviya said that it is Rahul Gandhi’s compulsion to call Muslim League secular in order to remain acceptable in Wayanad.

Malviya has tweeted that Jinnah’s Muslim League is responsible for the partition of India on the basis of religion and Rahul Gandhi is calling it secular. Rahul Gandhi may be less educated, but here he is playing tricks. This is his compulsion to remain acceptable in Wayanad. In response to this tweet by Amit Malviya, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet has written, Hello Faza Khabar Ke Saudagar, it was good to see you awake till midnight. Pawan Kheda has also replied on Malviya’s tweet. Pawan Kheda said – Are you illiterate brother? Don’t know the difference between Kerala’s Muslim League and Jinnah’s Muslim League? Jinnah’s Muslim League is the one with which your forefathers have allied.

The second Muslim League was the one with which the BJP had allied. He has also cited the support of the Indian Union of Muslim League (IMU) of the BJP to get the mayor’s post in the 2012 Nagpur Municipal Corporation elections. The BJP won 62 seats in the Nagpur Municipal Corporation elections. In the house of 145 members, 73 members were needed for a majority.

The BJP had crossed the majority mark with the help of two Muslim League members and 10 independents. After the partition of India, the All India Muslim League, which had spearheaded the movement for the creation of Pakistan, was disbanded. After the formation of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah became the Governor General of the country. The Muslim League gave the first six prime ministers to Pakistan. Kerala’s IUML is a long-time coalition partner of the Congress and is part of the opposition UDF coalition in Kerala. PATA currently has 18 MLAs in the Kerala Legislative Assembly.

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