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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsAn Egyptian football crisis passes to Fifpro, and the Players' Association is suspended

An Egyptian football crisis passes to Fifpro, and the Players’ Association is suspended

In its report, Fifpro listed the causes of disputes, pointing to “non-payment of wages, arbitrary behavior such as confiscation of passports and falsification”, warning that “the possibility of resorting to legal measures increases when players travel to Egypt”.

The head of the Association of Professional Players in Egypt, Magdy Abdel-Ghani, commented on the FIFPro report, explaining that he had asked the International Football Association Board (FIFA) to intervene to modify the internal regulations in order to to preserve players’ rights, but he received no response.

Abdel-Ghani added, in statements exclusive to ‘Sky News Arabia’: “Solidarity with the report of the International Professional Association, because the internal regulations in Egypt do not preserve the player’s right and give the club the right to terminate the contract after the end of the season without obtaining payment for the remainder of his contract as stipulated in the contract. “international regulations”.

The former Al-Ahly player and the Egyptian national team demonstrated the crisis of players’ rights, with two incidents in the second division in Egypt, the first belonging to players from Shaban Qena’s club, the club decided to terminate their contracts without giving them the rest of their rights, and the second to a financial player representing the Fayoum club who suffered an injury and the club refused to treat him.

And he continued: “We have agreed with the Football Association to form a committee to settle disputes between players and clubs, and we have sent as a players’ association representatives to us within of the committee, but on the other hand, the Association of professional clubs refused to choose the names of the members of their side representing the clubs in the committee, so that its formation stops.

Abdel-Ghani concluded: “Fifpro’s criticism is valid, but nobody stands by our side to solve player crises in Egyptian football.”

The opinion of the International Association of Professional Players included 7 points, as follows:

Do not give your passport to the club manager, only provide him with a copy of the passport, especially after Fifpro has dealt with numerous cases in which the return of the passport was conditional on the player signing the termination of his contract. Don’t sign an empty contract. Fifpro has witnessed many cases in which the club and the player sign a contract containing all the details, after which the player is asked to sign a number of empty contracts with the club with the promise that they will be filled later by the same way and deposited in the federation, then the Contracts are then filled in with various details. Keep an original copy of the contract, containing your signature and that of the club. Make sure you write the correct currency before signing the contract, so that the club cannot change it later, and if there are any blank spaces, they should be crossed out so that the club cannot add more elements after signing the contract. Be careful when dealing with agents and the club, it is rare for an agent to act sincerely in your best interests and prefer to maintain their relationship with the club. Make sure you can go to the FIFA Disputes Committee. Not all Egyptian clubs have a transfer account with FIFA, and therefore any club can apply for an international transfer certificate through another club. If you are asked to participate in such a process, please ensure to document this so you can prove what happened.

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