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Monday, December 4, 2023
NewsIn detail... the story of a difficult surgery to restore a young girl's amputated arm in Egypt

In detail… the story of a difficult surgery to restore a young girl’s amputated arm in Egypt

The CHU Sohag emergency department had received the child with his family, who confirmed that his hand had been amputated when she put it in the washing machine while it was running. The girl had bled profusely, so it was immediately decided to enter the operating room, and she underwent urgent surgery by a team from the hospital’s orthopedic and anesthesia departments.

For his part, the head of the medical team that performed the operation, who is the head of the orthopedic department of Sohag University Hospital, Dr. Abd al-Rahman al-Sheikh, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that:

The girl arrived at hospital at four a.m. on Sunday and her parents said her hand had been amputated when she put it in the washing machine while it was running. The child’s right hand was completely amputated just below the shoulder, and this was a major challenge, as blood supply to the whole hand was needed as soon as possible. The process of returning blood to the amputated hand was necessary and quick so that the tissue would not die and the restoration process would be unnecessary. It is helpful that the child’s family brought her immediately after the accident, as the tissues of the amputated hand were not yet dead. We prepared the operating room and its requirements in two hours, and first started fixing the arm bone with a slide. After that, we started pumping blood again for the amputated hand, and the process of reconnecting the blood vessels took 5 hours. We then worked on connecting the tendons and nerves, and the whole process took 12 hours. The child is now able to move her hand again, but she will be in intensive care for another two days. This operation is very expensive, but it was carried out for the girl free of charge, with a decision for treatment at state expense.

For his part, the head of the anesthesia department at Sohag University Hospital, Dr. Fawzi Abbas, told Sky News Arabia that the anesthesia in this operation was one of the most difficult things.

He explained that the child’s body is weak because she is in her prime, in addition she has bled a lot, and the child’s stomach is full of food and drink. because she was not ready for surgery, and the possibility of her exposure to shrinkage and complications due to anesthesia is very high.

He pointed out that the anesthesia team acted very professionally and quickly taking the necessary precautions for any complications and at the same time reaching the stage of total anesthesia in a short time so as not to damage the tissues. of the amputated hand, and the operation was successfully completed.

He explained that the medical team that performed the operation consisted of Dr. Abd al-Rahman al-Sheikh, head of the department of orthopedics at Sohag University Hospital, Dr. Hassan al-Numani, professor of orthopedics, vice president of Sohag University, Dr. Ahmed El-Desouki, professor of orthopedics, Dr. Yasser Heshmat, assistant professor of orthopedics, and Dr. Mohamed Shehata, assistant lecturer in orthopedic surgery at the hospital .

He concluded that the anesthesia team during the operation consisted of Dr. Hala Al-Khayyat, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia and Critical Care at Sohag University Hospital, Dr. Khaled Abdel-Aal, Senior Lecturer anesthesia and intensive care assistant, and Diaa Ahmed, anesthesia and intensive care resident.

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