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Thursday, October 5, 2023


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WorldAsiaIn the film "The Silence", Kyiv swears a counter-attack... and Moscow: It started and we foiled it

In the film “The Silence”, Kyiv swears a counter-attack… and Moscow: It started and we foiled it

This comes as Moscow considers that this attack has already begun, and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced on Tuesday that “the Ukrainian regime is launching the attack, which it has long promised, on 7 directions of the front, using 5 brigades in the last three days.”

A member of the Ukrainian parliament, and Russian researcher for “Sky News Arabia”, analyzes the messages sent by the film “Plans Love Silence”, released on Sunday by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, and its expected result on the course of the enduring battles for a year and 4 months, without a horizon for their end.

The short film, shot with motion picture technology in the marketing style of American films, included scenes of soldiers standing with their weapons in their hands, and each of them raises a finger from their hand to their lips in a sign of asking for silence. , while planes fly in the sky, suggesting that the attack is coming to Russia, but without prior announcement. .

Psychological attack

Ukrainian parliament deputy Svetislav Yurch sees the video as a psychological attack, saying it carries a “silent and vague message to Russia, which is to wait for the silent counterattack”.

For his part, the Russian analyst and director of the Russian Cultural Center in Saint Petersburg, Muslim Shaito, considers that the video is part of moral support for the Ukrainian forces, with the help of “Western media”. .

Shaito downplays the possibility of the video achieving its goal of influencing Russian morale, saying, “Ukrainians are skilled in media skills, but ultimately it’s part of the battles of a great war,” indicating that that’s not all. thing.

We deduce that Ukraine has been talking for more than 7 months about its intention to carry out a counter-attack, “but in vain”, as he said.

Shaito also accuses Kiev of being behind the shelling of the “Nova Kakhovka” dam in Russian-controlled areas of Kherson province on Tuesday morning, calling it “proof of failure”, expecting that he launches a second attack “more intense, numerous, and criminal, and will cause casualties, but in the end it will fail.” , according to him.

Moscow and Kyiv swapped accusations for hours over who was responsible for the dam explosion.

Ukraine says it is preparing a major counterattack, hoping to regain territory it has lost since Russia launched its military operation in February 2022.

“already started”

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in statements on Tuesday that the attack had already begun, but “attempted attacks have been foiled” over the past three days. and “Russian soldiers and officers showed courage and heroism in the battles”, and continued: “I repeat that the enemy failed to achieve its objectives and suffered incomparably heavy losses.

Regarding the Ukrainian losses, the agency “TASS” citing the ministry indicated that they amounted to 3,715 soldiers on all axes of combat, 52 tanks (including 8 Leopard tanks and 3 AMX-10 wheeled tanks), 207 armored vehicles, 5 aircraft, 2 helicopters and 48 pieces. Field artillery, 134 vehicles and 53 drones.

Minister Shoigu also announced that 71 Russian soldiers had been killed and 210 wounded during these operations, he said.

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