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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


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right answer

The White House on Monday said that India is a vibrant democracy and anyone visiting there can feel it for themselves. It is obvious that these days the leader of India’s biggest opposition party Rahul Gandhi is engaged in this campaign in America to prove the present government as anti-democratic! That’s why a reporter asked John Kiba, Strategic Communications Coordinator at the US National Security Council, a question in the context of India’s democracy in a press conference, and in response, he spoke about the vibrant democracy in India and the strength of democratic institutions.

In fact, India does not need any certificate on its democratic character from any country, yet when anti-India active organizations i.e. pro-Khalistan and some fund-raising organizations in the name of Kashmir are mobilized and engaged in bad propaganda and any opposition leader of India I talk about the murder of democracy and the highest institution of America raised the voice that democracy is alive in India, whoever wants to see it will see it in India, definitely acted as a mirror for those who beat the chest on the murder of democracy. Is.

In fact, when a person talks about the murder of democracy in India, he says that the country’s executive i.e. the government is useless and self-serving, the country’s legislature i.e. the Parliament is indifferent and ineffective and is working against the public’s aspirations. Those who threaten India’s democracy want to say that the judiciary in India i.e. the Supreme Court and the High Court bow before the government and are for sale. Whereas on the test of reality, these things prove to be mere nonsense.

The truth is that some organizations are active only in four countries America, Canada, Britain and Australia to defame India because from these countries they collect huge donations in the name of Khalistan and Kashmir. But it is also true that the governments of these rich countries are also aware of the reality. All the embassies and high commissions are located in India and the reports that their political analysts send to their governments are not only about the government; There is also a detailed analysis about activism and image and on the basis of that they evaluate the democratic character of India. No matter how much someone tries to tarnish the image of India in foreign countries, but the governments understand the reality very well. When the right opportunity comes, they give the answer. John Kiba’s answer in the US White House is certainly the right answer to those spreading propaganda against Indian democracy. (sp)

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