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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsEmotional bond between children and parents: how not to lose the bond with your child and strengthen it

Emotional bond between children and parents: how not to lose the bond with your child and strengthen it

The child’s emotional bond with the parent is the basis for healthy child development and social adjustment. It is formed from birth, when the child receives care, affection and comfort from its parents, and is based on trust, understanding and affection.

The affective bond with our children allows them to feel safe, to express themselves more easily, to feel more free and confident. Children, having an emotional bond with their parents, feel loved, find a common language more easily with their peers and resolve conflicts.

How not to lose contact with your child?

It is widely believed that a child should devote a lot of time and play games with him for hours. This is not entirely true, says children’s producer, child psychologist Irina Zolotova.

Until the age of 3, it is important for a child to constantly have one of the adults nearby, after 3 years the child develops a need for socialization and good times with other children , imagination and spatial thinking are also formed, he can play toys himself, give them roles and invent stories.

Play with a child.

image source: 123rf.com

For a child after 3 years, 30 minutes-hour of quality pastime is enough, when the parent is not just sitting next to him on the phone, but is involved in communicating with him.

“Reading books, games, even just listening to him without distractions, asking what happened to the child during the whole day in the garden or at school – this way you will let the child know that you are interested in her life, opinions and feelings,” advises Zolotova.

How the emotional bond between the child and the parents is lost

To understand how to establish an emotional connection with a child, according to Irina Zolotova, you need to understand how he gets lost. The fundamental sense of worth and value that underlies a strong parent-child relationship challenges the following:

When we lie to a child or hide the truth, he loses trust in us; aggression and humiliation kill the child’s self-esteem; when we pay attention to the child only if he has done something wrong and we do not praise him for his good deeds.

“The child must understand and feel that he is needed in this family. Then, he will grow up with self-confidence, will be able to take care of himself and maintain a warm relationship with his parents, ”explains the psychologist.

How to Strengthen an Emotional Connection

Clinical psychologist, pathopsychologist, child neuropsychologist Ekaterina Stafeeva gave advice on preserving and strengthening the emotional bond between the child and parents:

Take time for the child. Give it enough time and attention every day. Find common interests and hobbies. It can be reading books, walking in the park, playing outside, going to the museum or the cinema.

Connect with your child on an emotional level. Listen to what the child says and shows. Support her feelings and emotions. If the child is sad, try to find out what is bothering him and help him deal with it.

A happy family.

image source: 123rf.com

Show your love and care. Say that you love your child and that he is important to you. Do little things to show that you care about her. For example, cooking their favorite dishes, buying gifts for the holidays, etc.

Be an example. If you want your child to be emotionally connected to you, you have to prepare for it yourself. Be open to communication, show your emotions and feelings.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you feel that the bond with your child has weakened or you are having communication difficulties, do not hesitate to seek the help of a child neuropsychologist. They will help you get through a difficult situation and offer practical advice on how to strengthen the bond with your child.

Interview with a child psychologist.

image source: 123rf.com

Communicate with your children, work and strengthen your relationship, because when there is a connection between parents and children, all the problems that arise will be easier to overcome. And once the kids grow up and don’t need you anymore, the emotional connection is the only thing that will stick around and last.

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