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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsItalian couple sued mayor's office for 50,000 euros over street noise Fox News

Italian couple sued mayor’s office for 50,000 euros over street noise Fox News

The trial lasted a year. In the end, the judges sided with the “victims” who accused the local authorities of not having protected them from the unbearable and aggressive noises at night, coming from the fault of the often drunk customers of the nearby bars and restaurants. According to the spouses, due to shouting and loud conversations, they were forced to spend several sleepless nights, and also lost the right to rest and a quiet life.

This is a unique court decision holding municipal authorities to account. Therefore, the emergence of such a precedent is likely to cause a wave of complaints in other Italian cities, thus risking a serious blow to the budget of local administrations. In addition, many lawsuits are class actions. Thus, in the near future, the Supreme Court will examine a similar complaint by 29 residents of the San Salvario district of Turin, claiming total compensation of 1.2 million euros. And in Bari, 140 people are still awaiting a verdict in their case against the prosecution, unable to cope with the constant unrest in which night owls regularly participate.

Italy has rather vague legislation that requires noise to be “tolerable”

The subject of noise in the Apennines, which is still a tourist mecca, is really acute. What alone are worth the daily torments of the inhabitants of Venice, forced to endure travelers who speak loudly under their windows, rattling their wheeled suitcases. Obtaining compensation from day tourists is an almost impossible task, and the language barrier in many ways prevents them from conveying the essence of the problem to them.

At the moment, Italy has rather vague legislation that requires noise to be “tolerable”, that is, not too annoying or even unbearable. Curiously, the legislator did not set the exact limits of permissible noise, so the judge must assess each case individually. Provisionally, in order to determine the maximum permitted noise threshold, there are limits in decibels for background noise from outside the house at night (from 22.01 to 5.59). It is clear that no one is in a position to deal with such measures.
Once and for all, the Mayor of Ravenna, Michel de Pascal, has offered to clarify, urging the country’s leaders to pass appropriate laws so that the rules regarding nightlife can be enforced, as well as to protect local authorities against the encroachment of angry citizens on local budgets.

Enough in Italy and strange laws. So, on the island of Capri, very seriously, it is forbidden to wear clogs. It appeared in the 1960s, when television entered every home and was at the center of Italians’ concerns. Around this time, film and television celebrities began to come to the island, and clogs, practical and beautiful shoes with massive heels and soles that hit hard when walking, became incredibly popular in fashion. feminine.

It is not surprising that sometimes the Italians’ thirst for silence, noisy by nature, borders on the absurd. Condominium residents often behave illogically and unfairly. I don’t need to go far to find examples. With the onset of the summer season, seniors of “Balzac age” and older all night noisily wash the bones of those neighbors who are trying to sleep at that time, struggling with the heat and extraneous noises. At the same time, the ladies themselves allow themselves to complain about the children playing in the yard during the day from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., complaining that these noisy games prevent them from taking a nap. The double standards are obvious.

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