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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAfricaLooting, theft and rape... Darfur is threatened with a return to 2003

Looting, theft and rape… Darfur is threatened with a return to 2003

The clashes in Darfur add another dimension that complicates the crisis of the ongoing conflict between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces since April 15, which focused in and around Khartoum and then spread to d other regions.

What’s happening in Darfur?

Sudanese journalist and political analyst, Muhammad Elias, speaks to ‘Sky News Arabia’ about what he has been monitoring in the region, saying:

• There have been acts of looting and attacks on citizens in the region, in a new episode of the “ongoing civil war” in Darfur since 2003, which has been exacerbated by fighting between the army and the Forces quick support.

• What is happening now has historical roots between Arab and non-Arab tribes in East and North Darfur.

• In El Geneina, West Darfur, the war was initially between Arab and non-Arab tribes, and the affair developed after the intervention and the rapid support of the army, and the fighting escalated .

• In Al Daein, East Darfur, clashes between different tribes continue a problem that has existed since 2013. In the center of the region, violent clashes are taking place between the army and the Rapid Support Forces.

• There are unruly gangs, armed movements and warring tribes who commit crimes, and there are those who blame members of the military and rapid support forces.

specialized gangs

In the same context, Sudanese human rights activist Azza Mohamed monitors the existence of “crisis and interlocking situations” throughout Darfur, and adds in detail:

• In the town of El Geneina, West Darfur, looting of banks and citizens’ homes, indiscriminate killings, as well as sexual abuse and rape have taken place daily.

• In the same city, human rights activists were killed and professional cadres, especially medical personnel, were targeted. Homes, crops, property and markets were burnt down, hospitals were demolished and civilians were besieged and denied access to any other town. even if it was for the purpose of treatment.

• Killings, looting and rapes also took place in the towns of El Fasher in the north of the region and Nyala in the south.

• In Nyala, there are gangs that specialize in looting houses abandoned by their owners because of the war, and they also rob shops, markets and the safes of government institutions and international and national voluntary organizations.

• As for the town of Al Daein in the east, the situation is calm, which is why part of the population of the region has taken refuge there.

Who is behind the violations?

According to Elias, “both parties to the conflict have committed violations against civilians, both before and now, as well as against armed tribal movements. Everyone participates and no one can be excluded.”

The political analyst claims that the army under former President Omar al-Bashir “perpetrated violations and rapes in the village of Tabit 7 years ago”, and today there are violations in the village itself.

Azza points out that the regional government “does not seriously address violations and has tried to ensure its share of governance, to the detriment of the implementation of security arrangements and the protection of civilians. As for the military, it ducked and failed to step in to protect defenseless civilians on many controlled occasions,” as she said.

The ongoing war since April 15 has displaced more than 1.2 million people inside Sudan, prompted around 400,000 people to flee to neighboring countries and caused severe damage to the capital, Khartoum.

Despite numerous truces and ceasefire agreements in which regional and international parties have intervened, all have been violated.

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