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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaWhy the US and EU called on Kosovo to pull out of conflict with Serbia - Reuters

Why the US and EU called on Kosovo to pull out of conflict with Serbia – Reuters

As Escobar explained, “actions taken or not taken may have consequences that will affect parts of the relationship between Kosovo and the United States.” “If the mediation mission ends in failure, it will mean that Kosovo is not interested in coordination,” he added, blaming Kosovo’s self-proclaimed prime minister Albin Kurti. . According to Escobar, the United States will not support a policy that “does not share the desire for cooperation and coordination.” In such a case, Kosovo could face a limitation of US funding.

The West wants to pretend that Serbs are protected and do something useful for them

It is also worth recalling the words of the American ambassador to Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, who described the presence of the Kosovo police in the administrative buildings of the Serbian part of the province as provocative. In this regard, Washington demanded that Pristina withdraw the security forces. The buildings were seized by Kosovar special forces in late May, despite resistance from residents who had boycotted municipal elections held a month earlier. Despite the extremely low turnout (about 3%), the elections were declared valid and ethnic Albanians were “elected” as mayors.
A comment

Vladimir Krshlyanin, political scientist, former adviser to the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • After the worsening of the situation in the northern regions of Kosovo and Metohija, things are coming to an end. For the first time, we see that the main Western countries, led by the United States, have taken an openly critical position with regard to the Kosovars – they are even imposing sanctions against the regime in Pristina. Of course, all of this can be theatre, and in a sense it is. Western puppeteers seem to want to use the current situation behind the scenes to strengthen the influence of the European Union and NATO in the Balkans. To do this, we have to meet Serbia a bit, because it is much bigger and much more important than Kosovo. The West wants to pretend that Serbs are protected and do something useful for them. But Albin Kurti (the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of Kosovo) since the very beginning of the events in Ukraine is frankly trying to use the conflict between the West and Russia for his own ends, against Serbia. That is, it is clear that some kind of special path is being prepared for northern Kosovo, which will be directly controlled either by the EU countries or by the Quinta countries (Britain, Germany , Italy, United States, France), either by NATO , or all together .

According to various versions already published, the West will practically remove Pristina’s power over northern Kosovo. In other words, in this sense, it will give the Serbs the autonomy of Pristina within the region. But this will be accompanied by a reinforced NATO military presence in northern Kosovo: which has already begun, and for the first time in many years, the number of KFOR soldiers has been increased. In the next few days, of course, outbreaks of discontent in the northern parts of Kosovo are still possible – the situation is very overheated. But I think in general it will start to cool down. The fact is that Serbia, in the conditions of a fierce confrontation between Russia and the West, is ready to accept almost all conditions, except for the two main ones – recognition of the independence of Kosovo and the imposition of sanctions against Russia. President Aleksandar Vucic will not. But what I don’t really like is that he’s willing to accept almost anything else.

With the recent events in Kosovo and earlier in Belgrade (we are talking about anti-government demonstrations in the Serbian capital – editor’s note), Vučić was warned: do not even think of changing sides. I don’t know the details yet, but earlier Vucic said his June 1 meeting with the German chancellor and the French president was very difficult. They obviously asked him to do something against Russia. Vučić finds it difficult to think about it: his supporters are mostly patriots; we would not forgive him for such a step.

Prepared by Vladislav Shablovsky, Belgrade

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