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Monday, September 25, 2023


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WorldAsiaA counter-attack around Zaporizhia. Will Ukraine inflame the southern front?

A counter-attack around Zaporizhia. Will Ukraine inflame the southern front?

Shoigu added: “The enemy was discovered and a preemptive strike was carried out by artillery, aviation and anti-tank weapons.”

The Ukrainian attempt coincided with the bombardment of the Russian interior, which observers saw as the start of the Kiev counterattack.

Incursion attempt after dam collapse

The Ukrainians tried to infiltrate the southern axis and around Zaporizhia, with the participation of about 1,500 people and 150 armored vehicles, and the battle lasted two hours, during which Kiev lost 30 tanks and 350 soldiers, according to the Russian Defense Minister.

Oleg Artyovsk, a researcher in international affairs at the military institution in Volsk, estimated that the Ukrainian counterattack, which has been commercialized for the past few months, in fact began about a week ago, despite continuous denials by Kiev.

“The attempted incursion from the southern front in the past few hours is conclusive evidence of Kiev’s involvement in the bombing of the Kakhovka dam, through which Ukraine is trying to isolate Russian forces on the banks of the Dnipro,” Artyovsk said in a statement to Sky. Saudi News.

The international affairs researcher expected Ukrainian attempts to intensify in the coming days around the axis of Zaporizhia, especially in the area surrounding the nuclear power plant, in order to further inflame the situation and accuse Moscow to endanger the nuclear power plant.

As for targeting Russian depth, Artyovsk reported that Kiev implemented this plan, “with the start of its counterattack, bombarding Russian depth with marches and border towns.” In the past few hours, the province of Belgorod has also been subjected to Ukrainian shelling with more than 500 shells.”

drainage plan

Matyushin Victor, a specialist in international conflict resolution at the Ukrainian University of Tavrisky, explained that his country is implementing a strategic plan that depends on the exhaustion of Russian forces before the effective start of the counterattack, which requires more military aid, emphasizing that the current stage is a battle preparation stage, which is decisive.

Victor explained, during his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that attempts to penetrate Russian depths have all been successful in the last period, prompting Moscow to hysterically bombard the capital, Kiev, referring to the success of the Ukrainian movements for several reasons. :

• Russia was directly involved in a protracted war. • Increased differences between military leaders and Wagnerian groups. • A heavy loss paid by Moscow to control the Bakhmut axis. • Continued Western support for Kyiv, proof of Ukraine’s progress in this area and its ability to do more.

Recently, Ukrainian forces have intensified their artillery and missile strikes against the border areas of Belgorod, while Ukrainian armed groups have attempted to storm a number of areas.

An attack never materialized

Regarding the actual start of the Ukrainian counterattack, Artyovsk said that despite Ukrainian attempts, there was no real effect on the ground.

And Artyovsk went on to say: “All the counterattacks launched by Kiev have failed in the past few weeks, which made him think about the strategy of deep targeting to make what is called a media spectacle, and this is completely the opposite of reality.”

He referred to the incident of the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, saying: “The bombardment of the dam is part of the counterattack plan, given Kiev’s inability to confront on the ground.”

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