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Monday, September 25, 2023


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NewsDr. Elena Malysheva named the 10 most toxic indoor plants

Dr. Elena Malysheva named the 10 most toxic indoor plants

Well-known doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva warned Russians about ten houseplants that are dangerous for people and animals.

Plants do not always work favorably while in an apartment. Some people look, first of all, at the appearance of an indoor flower, without thinking about the damage it can cause to small children and animals, as well as to adults themselves.

“Alas, a number of plants that many keep in the house can be extremely dangerous to life and health,” Malysheva warned.

Among these is room Aglaonema, the juice of which can cause swelling of the mucous membranes. A similar effect, plus nausea and vomiting, will cause Azalea particles that fall into the hands of a child.

Amaryllis, similar to onions, causes severe poisoning. Hydrangea, despite having almost 80 different species, is dangerous with skin irritation, hair loss and kidney problems. In case of ingestion, it is necessary to urgently do a lavage.

Dieffenbachia will cause a strong burning sensation due to the sharp crystals of calcium oxalate in the juice of the stem. Plus, problems in the stomach will add a headache, thirst, and if it gets into the eyes, severe conjunctivitis. The herbaceous plant Euphorbia is also poisonous.

“On the skin, this is manifested by blisters, on the mucous membrane of the eye – by pain. Getting a burn is elementary – just pick a leaf and then run it over the eye with the same hand, ”the doctors warn, writes AiF .

Ivy, while at home, can cause allergies in the form of blisters and hives. Pachypodium is dangerous with convulsions and even breathing loss if it enters the oral cavity.

The evergreen Philodendron is dangerous for the mucosa. Much attention in the matter of plants, in addition to people, must be given to cats and dogs, which can accidentally eat a piece of a houseplant.

“This can lead to swelling of the upper respiratory tract and end in disaster. Washing is useless, you need to call an ambulance, ”added doctor Herman Gandelman.

The plant Cyclamen, or Alpine Violet, is dangerous with nausea, severe headaches and diarrhea. Malysheva advises to abandon such plants due to increased risks. In case of contact with such flowers, wash your hands thoroughly.

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