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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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NewsIn detail.. Why did the Egyptian authorities decide to hunt the "killer shark"?

In detail.. Why did the Egyptian authorities decide to hunt the “killer shark”?

And Egyptian Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad announced that she had given “instructions to quickly form a committee of specialists from the Red Sea reserves, as soon as the ministry receives notification of the accident, to go to the report site”. and verify the circumstances of the accident.”

Later, it was announced that the shark, which allegedly attacked the young Russian, had been caught, which raised questions about the reason for this action.

The head of the nature protection sector at the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, Mohamed Salem, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that:

Catching a shark that attacks humans is practiced in every country in the world, and Egypt is not unique. A shark attack on a person is not normal, especially when the fish repeats its attack to the point of killing, as happened with the Russian victim. It is possible for sharks to attack humans, but in normal cases, as soon as a shark bites a person and discovers that it is not one of its known natural sources of nutrition, it leaves it, and goes he keeps attacking her, that means he has a flaw. In this case, international protocols require authorities to capture the shark for examination and dissection, as human safety comes first. The fish that attacked the young Russian did not bite him once, but continued to attack him until it killed him and mutilated his body. Authorities observed the fish that attacked the young Russian and found it to be insistent on staying close to shore for more than two hours, meaning it would have committed further attacks. If the fish had left the beach after the attack and headed for open water, it would not have been caught, but it would not have been possible to catch it, because it swims at speeds ranging from up to 50 kilometers per hour. The fish was captured in order to dissect it and explain the reason that led to the imbalance that caused it to regard humans as its sources of nutrition, unlike nature. Initial investigation showed that this fish was most likely the source of two previous attacks off the coasts of Hurghada and Marsa Alam, last year and the year before. The fish is of the “tiger” type, and it is one of the known and usual species found in the Red Sea and is not alien to it, but its aggressive behavior towards humans is the odd thing. Before that, a shark attacked humans 6 times in the United States and killed 6 people, causing authorities to hunt and examine it, and it was found to have a “disability”, and c That’s what made him violate nature and consider humans his food.

It should be noted that Egypt closed a number of beaches overlooking the Red Sea about a year ago after a 68-year-old Austrian tourist died from a shark attack.

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