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Friday, September 29, 2023


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WorldAsiaNew Dimensions of Foreign Policy

New Dimensions of Foreign Policy

Foreign Minister Dr. S. On the completion of nine years of the government, Jaishankar, while outlining the various dimensions of foreign policy, cited the situation on the northern border and the country’s stand against China’s One Belt One Road initiative, saying that India will not succumb to any pressure, greed and misinformation. is not affected.

In fact, there have been changes in India’s foreign policy from time to time, this change had come for the first time in the 1990s after the end of the Cold War, but at that time it was believed that India was now in a position of no choice after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. has arrived and that is why it does not hesitate to make contact with the American bloc. But after the formation of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government in 1998, efforts began to build relations with America, while America felt that the countries which were associated with the Soviet Union should be associated with it. After this two incidents happened. First the Vision 2000 agreement with Vajpayee and Bill Clinton and Dr. Manmohan Singh’s nuclear agreement with George Bush. Between these two agreements, Russia created an image of moving away from the only friendship with India, and at the same time, it was natural for China to be shaken by them. In the year 2014 elections, the right direction and clarity in foreign policy started showing under the rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When the Modi government made a new policy of building relations with the neighbors, then purely national interests with the superpowers were made the criterion. Made such a policy even with enemy nations that there should not be compulsion of one in improving relations, but the role of both should be mandatory.

Before the Modi government, a special thing in the relations between India and China was that India used to extend the hand of friendship towards Pakistan and Pakistan used to betray India. His same policy continued even after 2014. The Modi government has made it clear that reform or stay away. Due to this policy of India, the existence of the world organization came in trouble but left Pakistan completely. The same policy was adopted with China as well. At first China was made to realize that if both stay together then both will be benefited, but when China felt that India has become a strong ally of diplomatic and defense strategy from America on one hand and commercial relations also became very good, then it wanted to help India. Started having a bitter relationship with. He started to feel that India has become a big obstacle for his national interests. It is true that India still sits with China in two organizations like SCO and BRICS, but by strengthening its defense preparedness and border security, it has given a clear signal to China that now India has come out of the mindset of 1962. China was also made to realize this. Now relations cannot live with the fun of Beijing. Due to its arrogance, China has also suffered losses in its commercial relations with India.

The people of the opposition in India sometimes taunt that after the escalation of the border dispute, the commercial figures between the two countries have increased further, but they do not tell that these figures are different from before. Earlier China’s finished product used to come to India more and now more raw material comes to India from China. There is a difference between the import of raw material and the product. The truth is that today India along with America, Japan and Australia is active in Quad to contain China, while America is trying to persuade India to give NATO Plus membership to New Delhi.

However, India is no longer the country it was before. Now, where India is ready to join any country for the protection and promotion of its national interests, it is also ready to leave any country. India is neither afraid of anyone nor does it join any country out of greed. That’s why India doesn’t care anymore what anyone thinks about India. Foreign Minister Dr. Jaishankar is famous for his blunt views and frankness. That’s why it would be appropriate to consider his words as a document of Indian foreign policy. (sp)

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