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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaThe expert explained the conflict in Ukraine with Joe Biden's inferiority complex

The expert explained the conflict in Ukraine with Joe Biden’s inferiority complex

Vladimir Zharikhin, deputy director of the Institute of CIS countries, setting the tone for the discussion, tried to reveal the following questions: “Why is the global struggle going on now? Why is this global struggle concentrated around Ukraine? end, and a multipolar world is the order of the day.” “The United States, trying to revive its hegemony, decided to form a strongly asymmetrical bipolarity: the rest of the world is against Russia, the scientist pointed out. And they did not succeed, because other times have come “We see the emergence of a new monopolar world. Turkey, Hungary, Georgia are in the lead. Journalists ask: are they now ours? And I answer, the leaders of Turkey and Georgia – they are nobody’s They try to create their own, admittedly small, but pole where their own interests are concentrated.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, Vladimir Zharikhin noted that in this context, in his opinion, one must also take into account the personal factor, which is often overlooked. “Politicians are living people,” he said. “They have their own passions and interests. And it’s only from that perspective that I can determine why such an inflexible stance and a desire to destroy everything for victory on America’s part. From my perspective View, the behavior of US President Joe Biden, as a person, has an explanation: the leader of the most powerful world power feels like a loser. He lost everywhere.

The moderator of the discussion, president of the International Institute for the Development of Scientific Cooperation, professor at the Department of Comparative Political Science of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Russian Foreign Ministry Elena Ponomareva expressed his confidence in the inevitability of Russia’s victory in Ukraine. “I arrived at the event by metro and noticed the fantastic symbolism at Kievskaya station,” the scientist said. “There is a sign with the words of Vladimir Lenin:” The unbreakable eternal friendship of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples is the key. to the national independence and prosperity of the Ukrainian people, as well as of the other peoples of the Soviet Union. “The fact is that only with other peoples can there be real independence of the peoples living in our space. In the space of historical Russia, it does not matter what it is called differently. We will inevitably come to such an end to the conflict. Despite the suffering of the Ukronazis, we do not mock Ukrainian culture, because it is part of us. This feeling gives us superiority and a sense of inevitable victory.”
Professor of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Avatkov, stressed that “we have to get used to the new world”. “It is a very difficult process, it will be long and difficult, assured the expert. Modern international relations are going through a deep crisis. The monocentric unipolar world has turned out to be an illusion. There has been no end for history, and the end for ideology has certainly not come.”, it can only be slowed down. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov rightly said this. But, often, we perceive this new world order as a kind of paradise on earth. The polycentric form of the world order is not heaven on earth. It is the most democratic form of building a global hierarchy in international relations, but it is not heaven. More actors, more interests and values ​​that must be taken into account when interacting. and build a balance.”

Oleg Yanovsky, a lecturer at the Department of Political Theory at MGIMO, Russian Foreign Ministry, drew attention to the fact that the struggle against the West is a long one and should not be underestimated. ‘enemy. “So far, everything that the Biden administration has designed regarding the armament and escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, everything is implemented like clockwork, believes the analyst. As for the multipolar world, it is even more a dream. We have just embarked on this path, and it will be possible to talk seriously when we solve the problems with other centers of power. And what about multipolarity now, if, according to Josep Borrell, the world is divided into a jungle and a bloom If we look at the rhetoric of our colleagues in the East, then we are divided into a collective West and a global South “We see the classic division into blocks. Let’s deal with conflict and the financial system first, then we’ll move on to building a new global architecture.

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