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Thursday, September 21, 2023


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WorldAsiawhy France created an army of science fiction writers

why France created an army of science fiction writers

A world in which the carbon footprint leads to an increase in temperature on the planet and, consequently, to powerful fires that cannot be extinguished for several months, makes energy consumption extremely economical and requires special protective equipment from from the French military. Even an ordinary mosquito poses a threat, in reality it is a small robot that literally sucks people’s energy. The script for the science fiction film, the short story “After the Night of Carbon”, specially commissioned by the French Ministry of Defense, was read by Emmanuel Macron, who, according to French journalists, even asked for a special telephone. line with “the red team”. Ask him questions “as the play progresses”.

“This is an experiment that was launched on the initiative of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. We were given the task of creating a team that would include writers and designers. Their task was to predict the threats that await France in the period from 2030 to 2060,” explained Cédric Denis-Remy, vice-president in charge of development at the research university Paris Sciences & Lettres.

None of the science fiction writers are in the military. And to apply for the Ministry of the Armed Forces, you must publish at least one science fiction novel. Two anthropologists participate in the selection of candidates. In addition to the red team, there is also the blue team, which includes military analysts. From their banal point of view, they evaluate the prospects for the implementation of ideas, at first glance, absolutely crazy.

“In the computer industry or, for example, computer games based on military actions, it is quite common for good people to try the role of bad guys in order to test the system. The same thing happens here, only we let’s test the structure of the armed forces for strength,” notes Denis-Remy.

The two teams do not overlap in any way. Krasnaya has unlimited creative freedom. After the books are released, they are promised to be presented to the general public. By carving out spots that analysts think might be of particular interest or give a potential adversary an idea.

“I’ll give you an analogy with a simple candle, which was greatly improved in the 17th century. They changed the wick, experimented with the composition of the wax. But nothing could turn a candle into a light bulb. It was necessary to move to a new qualitative level, and the research carried out was useful there. Without them, there is never a technological breakthrough,” said Denis-Remy.

The project, which has already spent two million euros, according to the management of the agency for the protection of innovations of the French armies, has paid off. In particular, after the scenario of a pirate attack, the protection of the near perimeter of the warship, supposed to replace the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, would have been improved.

“In fact, they guide the development and improvement of military equipment. We all remember engineer Garin’s novel Hyperboloid. Now these are already combat lasers – in 10-15 years something similar will appear in service with many armies of the world, ”said military historian Yuri Knutov.

A similar approach would be followed by the UK Ministry of Defence, where last year two prominent science fiction writers presented eight versions of their vision for the future. On the eve of the French Parliament approved the defense budget for the next seven years. Compared to the previous one, it has increased by 30%. Out of more than four hundred billion euros, ten will be allocated for Innovation. That is, including writing science fiction novels.

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