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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaBritain: Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns from the membership of Parliament

Britain: Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns from the membership of Parliament

London: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson surprised the entire country by suddenly resigning from the membership of Parliament. He took this step after the statement of a parliamentary committee that during his tenure as prime minister, Johnson had confused the parliament on the issue of organizing parties at ’10 Downing Street’ (Prime Minister’s residence) in violation of the lockdown implemented for the prevention of Kovid-19. Sanctions can be imposed in case of doing so. Johnson (58) is facing a parliamentary committee inquiry into the matter. The committee is looking into whether the former prime minister misled the House of Commons about parties he hosted at 10 Downing Street during the COVID-19 pandemic, breaking lockdown rules.

Johnson’s decision came on Friday after he received a confidential letter from Parliament’s Privileges Committee on the crucial matter. Johnson called the parliamentary committee’s investigation “an attempt to drive him out of Parliament”. In a statement, he said that “the committee has not yet presented a single piece of evidence that I intentionally or negligently misled the House of Commons.” Earlier on Friday, he was given a copy of the report of the inquiry committee. Found, which has not yet been published. Johnson claimed the report was “full of errors and biases”.

In evidence to the Committee of Privileges in March, Johnson admitted to misleading Parliament, but denied having done so intentionally. The former prime minister had admitted that social distancing was not strictly followed by the crowd gathered at the party. He said the party was organized under a “necessary” program and claimed that prior permission was taken for the same. Johnson insisted that he had always followed the guidelines according to his conscience.

The former Prime Minister issued a statement announcing his resignation as MP, in which he said, ‘I did not lie and I am sure the committee knows that. She knows very well that when I spoke in the House of Commons, I was saying what I sincerely believed to be true and what I was called upon to say like any other minister.

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