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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Science and TechnologyArtificial IntelligenceEspecially WhatsApp .. Artificial intelligence will change the most popular applications

Especially WhatsApp .. Artificial intelligence will change the most popular applications

And with Generative AI becoming a business priority, it looks like the changes this technology will bring to the way we communicate and interact with each other won’t be long in coming. be touched by users. , with the announcement of the company Meta, owner of the largest and most used chat and communication applications in the world, its first generative AI tools will arrive in the coming months on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

died in the middle of the race

And based on what Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced in a meeting with employees a few days ago, that his company is in the midst of an artificial intelligence race, achieving astonishing breakthroughs in this field, which will give it the opportunity to benefit from this technology by integrating it into each of its products, indicating that billions of people will benefit from generative AI, in a way that the company’s competitors cannot.

Zuckerberg hinted that the initial changes will include the Meta family of apps, as they will kick off in WhatsApp and Messenger via chatbots, while they will come in the form of photo-editing tools on Facebook and Instagram.


p class=””>How will artificial intelligence change Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp?

According to Information Technology Engineer, Muhammad Shami, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia Economy”, the entry of Generative Artificial Intelligence tools, for WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram applications, will be in stages, starting at the end of 2023, so that the situation will evolve in the following years thanks to more modern technologies.

He pointed out that the Instagram and Facebook applications will see, in the coming months, the introduction of tools that allow editing images in an innovative way, since the user will only have to explain what he wants to modify. in the image, through a few words, for the generative artificial intelligence to make these adjustments, since this change is just a sample of the changes that will occur later in the two applications mentioned.

Regarding the WhatsApp application, Shami believes that the change that this application will witness is related to what is now called “the intelligent assistant”, which will reach a stage where it can answer on behalf of the user s he is assigned to do so.

Copy user voice

Shami explains that the smart assistant on WhatsApp is a metaphor for smart software that has the ability to talk to users, give them advice and respond to their requests, as users can ask the smart assistant for projects entertainment that can be done in an area, or other things, until we reach a stage where generative artificial intelligence tools allow WhatsApp to reproduce the voice of its users in order to respond to messages that reach them, when they are busy driving or doing other things.

Shami believes that the arrival date of WhatsApp’s smart assistant is linked to the extent of progress that Meta will make in the development of this program and its ability to meet their demands, ruling out that it will happen before 2023, provided this Smart Assistant also reaches the Messenger and Instagram apps.

Professional photo and video editing

For his part, technology developer Fadi Haymour said in an interview with Sky News Arabia Economy that generative artificial intelligence will affect all meta-applications, indicating that Instagram users could, at some stage very close getting great capabilities in terms of editing photos and videos with professional techniques that were needed. Previously for specialists because all they will have to do is give instructions to Instagram to do the task of modifying the images, such as removing certain components or individuals from the image or even adding some scenes, while the generative artificial intelligence tools, which will arrive in the first stage for WhatsApp users, its task will be to help them write messages.

Haymour pointed out that generative artificial intelligence will also play a major role in the field of advertising via Meta applications, as the company wants to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and help advertisers create appropriate content for their customers with the support of artificial intelligence, highlighting that the experience of using WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram will be very different in the months and years to come, thanks to generative AI and its capabilities to help users do things that previously required a lot of time and expertise.

Meta artificial intelligence products

Haymour reveals that Mita has long promoted its investments in the field of artificial intelligence, but these investments were not related to user applications but rather to other products. The new artificial intelligence resulting from its innovation, making its way until to users via WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

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