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Saturday, December 9, 2023
WorldEuropePoll: A prestigious job is one of the motivations of students applying to universities abroad

Poll: A prestigious job is one of the motivations of students applying to universities abroad

What is the reason for this move? What is the main motivation for students to make this decision?

53% of the research sample said work is the main motivator for them to study abroad. While 46% say they are motivated by a strong desire for personal development.

However, three-quarters of students surveyed said they were concerned about their safety while studying abroad, particularly in relation to potential discrimination.

Additionally, 52% of students said curriculum is a priority for them this year.

On the other hand, students who wish to go to study abroad have expressed some concerns regarding visa requirements, tuition fees and living expenses, and in his commentary on the subject, the education expert and in education Muhammad Khalil Musa said during his interview with the morning show on “Sky News Arabia”:

The main purpose of study abroad is to seek employment opportunities that match academic qualifications, which most universities in some countries lack. The teaching methods of some universities do not correspond to the requirements of the labor market. Since secondary school, young people have become more aware, in the era of globalization and the Internet, of the demands of the job market. Relying on theoretical teaching in some universities in Arab countries, which contradicts what universities in foreign countries rely on, especially in the light of current artificial and technological intelligence. Seeking scholarships abroad is a way for some to emigrate and settle. Some companies have rushed to contract with students from major European and American universities even before they have completed their studies. Companies in some countries resort to contracting with regular degree holders instead of graduates from major international colleges and universities because of their high salaries. Young people in Europe and America are financially independent, unlike countries in the Arab world, where young people depend on family or state scholarships to complete their studies abroad. . Universities in European and American countries welcome Arab students as their main source of income. The global economic crisis has had negative effects on education. The economic crisis has pushed companies to contract with young Arabs rather than with graduates from major universities because of their ability to endure, adapt and communicate, in addition to their low salaries compared to their compatriots. The failure to develop education and raise it to the global level has made overseas travel the most suitable solution for ambitious youth.

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