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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaTebboune in Moscow speaks of "dollar dominance" and "Algerian mediation"

Tebboune in Moscow speaks of “dollar dominance” and “Algerian mediation”

In addition to economic cooperation issues, where the signing of a global strategic agreement between the two countries is looming.

On Tuesday, Tebboune arrived in Moscow for a three-day visit, under complex geopolitical circumstances.

Algerian mediation

Political experts in Algeria describe this visit as important for both parties, for several reasons, which the professor of international relations at the University of Algiers Radouane Bouhdil explained to Sky News Arabia in the following points:

Algeria seeks to affirm that it is a sovereign country that does not accept compromise in its sovereign decisions. This visit is based on the mentality of the Algerian diplomacy, which adopts the principle of a policy of positive neutrality, in the files of international conflict. Algeria emphasizes on every occasion that it places itself at the same distance from international conflicts, including the war in Ukraine. However, in light of the forming characteristics of a new multipolar international order, it has begun to take swift action to reserve its place on the global geopolitical stage. Algeria considers Russia as a superpower, since it is a permanent member of the Security Council, and has military, nuclear and economic power enabling it to draw the lines of the new international order. Algeria is banking on historical aspects in its international relations, Russia being considered the first to recognize the Algerian interim government after the National Liberation Front signed the ceasefire agreement with France on 19 March 1962. On the other hand, Tebboune’s visit to Moscow contributed to ending the international isolation imposed on Russian President Putin.

The Algerian president brought with him to Putin a proposal, the possibility for his country to serve as an intermediary between two countries that Algeria describes as friends (Russia and Ukraine) to resolve the crisis.

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, has already called on Algeria to exert all its weight in the search for a solution to the Ukrainian crisis.

This raises for discussion the idea of ​​the US position on the visit, and the extent of its impact on US-Algerian relations in the future.

Clearly, the professor of political science at the University of Algiers, Dr. Ali Chaib, believes that the visit is a translation of Algerian sovereignty and the philosophy of its foreign diplomacy, excluding any negative impact on Algerian-Algerian relations. Americans in the future.

Ali Chaib told Sky News Arabia: “Algeria is not hostile to Ukraine, and the biggest proof of that is the recent reopening of its embassy in Kiev.”

Emphasizing that the West, led by the United States of America, is looking at Algeria’s experience in the fight against extremist groups and the drying up of the sources of terrorism.

This visit comes a few days after Algeria was elected a non-permanent member of the Security Council by a majority, and it is the fourth time that Algeria has reserved this seat since independence in 1962.

Tebboune’s visit is the first of its kind for an elected Algerian president in 15 years, and the Russian invitation has been open since 2019 and was postponed due to the Corona pandemic.

Liberation from dollar hegemony

Algeria and Russia maintain moderate economic relations, estimated at 3 billion dollars in the balance of trade.

The experts consider this visit as a real step to complete the legal aspect of the Russian projects of “Gazprom” in Algeria.

However, the dossier of Algeria’s membership of the large economic group BRICS is considered to be one of the major objectives that Tebboune set for himself during this visit.

His intervention during his meeting with his Russian counterpart notably mentioned the need to speed up the examination by the BRICS of the request submitted by Algeria to join this economic group.

Speaking of a new world that interacts economically outside of dollar dominance.

The deputy and head of the Russian-Algerian friendship commission in the Algerian parliament, Abd al-Salam Bashagha Ali, confirmed that this visit is only a reflection of the will of the two parties to strengthen economic relations and increase the volume of trade, by developing the cooperation agreement signed in 2001 towards diversified strategic cooperation.

“The objective is to sign more cooperation agreements in the fields of agriculture, education, culture, tourism, scientific research, education and industrial investment”, Bashagha, the Algerian parliamentarian, told Sky News Arabia.

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