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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAsiaPolitical scientist Demchuk explained why Ukraine does not recognize the vulnerability of military leaders

Political scientist Demchuk explained why Ukraine does not recognize the vulnerability of military leaders

Posted on June 11, a video of Ukrainian intelligence chief Kirill Budanov, likely intended as another publicity stunt for Kiev’s promised offensive, is believed to be the last since his disappearance. But the date and location of the shooting are unknown. Budanov has not appeared in public since May 29, no real statements have been made from him.

The British newspaper “Daily Telegraph” reported that they tried to find information about the state of health of Budanov, but did not provide accurate data to journalists.

“His current condition is unknown: the environment told the Telegraph he was alive and well, but no photographs were provided to confirm this,” the publication reports.

The other day, the agency RIA Novosti, citing a Russian law enforcement employee, reported that Budanov was in serious condition – in a Bundeswehr hospital in Germany. At the end of May, the Russian armed forces attacked the Ukrainian military intelligence headquarters. From that moment, news of Budanov’s injury and even death began to spread. Kiev calls these messages information stuffing.

However, according to a source of the Russian press agency, and he learned it through his channels in Ukrainian intelligence, after the defeat of the headquarters, Budanov was found under the rubble, evacuated to Poland, then taken to Berlin. A recording, presumably, of this flight was kept in the archives of the Flightradar service. However, the German military hospital reported that Budanov was not among the patients. On the same day, a video appeared on the network in which the head of the Ukrainian GUR threatens Moscow. But again, there is no exact data on when and where it was filmed.

“The question is, is there anything to post. If he is injured and able to speak, a normal video could be made. If they were preparing for the fact that it must be hidden, they would make canned food, this is a well-known trick. They will remain silent until it is impossible to dress him beautifully, put on makeup, and he will happily say a few words to the camera, ”said political scientist Dmitry Solonnikov.

Denied reports of Budanov’s injury in a TV interview with Ukrainian intelligence representative Andriy Yusov. But not Budanov himself.

And now the name of the head of the intelligence services of Ukraine appears in today’s publication of Zelenskyy on the meeting on the operational situation. SMS, no photo or video. Along with Budanov, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny is also mentioned. The latter have also ceased to appear in public since the beginning of May and have not participated in the meeting of the NATO committee at the level of chiefs of staff, even by video link. They also wrote about him in the media that he was injured as a result of a strike on a command post in the Kherson region, but in Kiev they held on – everything is in order with the commander chief. They released a video that does not contradict the fact that Zaluzhny could have been seriously injured.

“Admitting that the military leaders were vulnerable – this indicates the ineffectiveness of the protective measures for these leaders. The fact that Russia received information about their location, was able to strike at the headquarters, this suggests that the security system for these leaders leaders is extremely inefficient. Therefore, it is easy to sign your own incompetence. If Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny disappeared, it is not known what happened to him, now Budanov disappears from the screens, from the radar – this undermines the spirit of those who insist on Ukraine resisting to the end,” added Artur Demchuk, doctor of political science, head of the department of comparative political science at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov.

In any case, the disappearance of Budanov from the field of information, as in the case of Zaluzhny and his strange return, arouses more and more suspicions, questions and multiplies new versions.

Previously, RIA Novosti reported that the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Zaluzhny had undergone a craniotomy after being injured near Kherson. According to the source, after the operation, the commander-in-chief will not be able to perform his duties.

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