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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaThe North's generous promises to the fugitive South

The North’s generous promises to the fugitive South

Dr. Abdullah bin Musa Al Tayer

The North’s preoccupation with homosexuality and the Ukraine war and preoccupation with the interior put the countries of the South in crucial challenges, as it has not recovered after a difficult exit from the effects of the Corona pandemic, and it is also groaning under the weight of the war between Russia and Ukraine that disrupted food supply chains or at least confused them, especially since some of its countries Completely dependent on the grain of Russia and Ukraine. The situation is not comfortable for the economies of the developing and less developed countries, but rather it hit the joints of their societies and disrupted development, which necessitated the countries’ tendency to provide alternatives to high-cost food, and thus they faltered in paying interest on loans from private and international financial institutions.

Who followed the interventions of French President Emmanuel Macron at the “New Global Financial Pact” summit, noticing the number of times he mentioned the countries of the south, and the repetition of shocking phrases related to the imbalance of the global financial system, and in the text he acknowledged the inequity of the current global financial system, and conveyed at the conclusion of the summit the full agreement on the need to implement reforms Deep need for the global financial system to be more effective and fair, and more adaptable to today’s world. This voluntary meeting, which was attended by about forty heads of state and government, did not issue a statement, but nevertheless it was filled with many promises to reform the international financial system, in order to avoid the multiplicity of institutions, and this may be a reference to the new development bank of the BRICS group.

In parallel with the actions of the Paris summit, the world was divided into two parts over the disappearance of the so-called submarine of the wealthy Titan, which exploded later and settled in the depths of the ocean next to the ship of the wealthy Titanic. At a time when the superpowers called out and the North was preoccupied with saving and following up on the disappearance of that submarine because it and its passengers belong to the North, tens, if not hundreds, of the citizens of the Southern countries drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean looking for a livelihood and a decent life, which is better than the tables of the rich, and no one cares about their death. Rather, the rescuers watch their doom, and no one rushes to save them.

Celia Belin and Laurene Devois of the European Council on International Relations wrote an article entitled “A North-South Lifeline: What Macron Hopes to Achieve Through the Summit for a New Global Finance Compact” that the North faces a dilemma nearly a year and a half after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and that Europeans and Americans They feel “anxiety about their relationship with the Global South”. While united, the transatlantic allies are “perplexed by the often tepid reaction of third world countries to Russian aggression,” they say, “and the gap between north and south appears to be growing.”

In their diagnosis of the scene, they wrote that the global crises in the past five years represented by Covid-19, the Russian-Ukrainian war, inflation, and climate change led Europeans to retreat inward, while these challenges pushed many countries in the developing world to economic decline along with the exacerbation of Energy prices and food insecurity. The solutions that the North resorted to in the face of crises represented the closure of borders and sanctions, which are measures that had great negative effects on the south of the globe, and “the multilateral system slid into a crisis, the pace of which was accelerated by the effects of the competition between the United States and China, and the failure of the North to provide relief.” for developing and weak countries.

For decades, the North had the final word in the fate of the South, and the latter listened, obeyed, and was persuaded by a little of the supreme hand of the masters, but the entry of social networks, the death of the gatekeepers loyal to the North, and the emergence of young generations rebelling against outdated frameworks, with a logical discourse that touches the passion of the hearts of the public, the latest A gap with the North, which did not change or renew its strategies in dealing with its former colonies, which forced the ruling elites to identify with the populist discourse rebellious against the North, and thus the gap occurred and worsened between the rich and the poor.

Can President Macron, by courting the south, fix what the north has spoiled, and make generous promises, without announcing commitments on which hopes can be pinned according to a logical timing that responds to the urgent needs of poor countries? It is not possible to accept a rhetoric that will return the miserable, desperate, dissenting south to the house of obedience, but accepting some promises and testing them on the ground may be useful in slowing the jogging away from the north towards a more balanced world order, and necessarily in the face of Western arrangements.

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