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Monday, December 4, 2023
WorldAsiaIndia and America have the same vision and dreams: Eric Garcetti

India and America have the same vision and dreams: Eric Garcetti

New Delhi: US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti said that there are many similarities between the two countries and the dreams of both the countries are two sides of the same coin. Addressing an event at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi here on Wednesday, Garcetti praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that in both the countries one gets to hear incredible stories of personalities who have turned humble beginnings into extraordinary achievements. He said that a boy who sold tea became the Prime Minister of the country and today he is leading India on the global stage. He said that the life journey of Prime Minister Modi is a symbol of hard work, dedication and dedication.

During this, the US Ambassador also mentioned President Draupadi Murmu and said that this country also acknowledged the extraordinary achievements of a Santhali teacher, who has become the President of India against all odds. He said, “This inspiring story epitomizes the power of education and its ability to break down barriers and uplift individuals from marginalized communities. Along with this, he expressed his commitment to further strengthen the relations between the two countries.

He emphasized the need for increased cooperation between the two countries in areas such as trade, technology, health care and climate change at the event titled ‘Peace, Prosperity, Planet and People: A New Chapter for India-US Relations’. By working together, both countries can open up endless possibilities for their citizens and contribute to global progress.

It is noteworthy that both America and India were very excited about making Garcetti the US ambassador to India. Mr. Garcetti’s vision matches that of the people of India, who see this as an opportunity for deeper cultural exchange, economic growth and mutual understanding. US Ambassador Garcetti said on US-India relations, that “India conducts more military exercises with the US than any other country… It is time to reshape our approach and make it please reset. In reality, when we work together for peace and prosperity. Only then the relations between the two (America and India) countries become better.

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