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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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Newswhose housing of films and TV shows has been recreated in reality

whose housing of films and TV shows has been recreated in reality

Starting July 17, Barbie’s shiny pink Malibu mansion will be available to rent on Airbnb. This isn’t the first time the houses or apartments of popular characters from movies and TV shows have been fully recreated for fans. What other cinema accommodations have been rented – in the Russian media selection

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment

Ahead of the Sex and the City sequel premiering in 2021, Airbnb and Warner Bros. recreated a complete copy of the house of the main character of the sitcom – Carrie Bradshaw. In the legendary two-story apartment, guests could try on vintage outfits and designer shoes from the heroine’s dressing room, work on a ’90s Apple laptop she wrote her columns with, and even drink the heroine’s favorite cocktail. the Cosmopolitan series four. The main actress herself, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, also took part in the development of the project. For anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the series, she recorded a greeting that sounds at the entrance to the apartment.

Villa Gucci

The House of Gucci mansion with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver was available for reservations in March 2022. The house was built on the shores of Lake Como by Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio at the end of the 16th century, and Cardinal Durini later lived there. And for many centuries, Villa Balbiano – as this place is called – was a place where intellectuals and art connoisseurs from all over the world came.

In Riddley Scott’s The House of Gucci, businessman Aldo Gucci lived in the mansion. The villa is furnished with genuine antiques and its walls are decorated with 17th century frescoes by Baroque artists.

Bella Swan’s house

An exact copy of the house where Bella Swan lived from “Twilight”, available for rent all year round. In the main character’s bedroom, there’s the same purple bedding her dad gave her when she arrived, and on the wall are pictures with Bella and Edward that Alice took at her birthday party. anniversary.

The house, however, is not in Fox, Washington, as depicted in the books and movies, but in Oregon. It is not specified if vampires can jump to the second floor at night to watch you sleep.

The Sanderson sisters cabin

By Halloween 2022 open reservation of the house of the heroines of the film Hocus Pocus in the forests of the American state of Massachusetts. Granted, to get there, according to the ad, it was offered “on a broomstick or any other way.” The house was filled with various witch attributes: a spell book, a cauldron, potion flasks. And tenants might be among the first to watch part two of the horror-comedy about witches who eat children.

McCallister House

The mansion from the movie Home Alone by Chris Columbus book before Christmas 2021. The description was posted on the Airbnb site on behalf of Buzz McCallister, the brother of the protagonist, Kevin.

“We play by my little brother’s rules, so feel free to eat junk food, watch bullshit on TV, take my dad’s aftershave and choose your own adventure. Just stay in out of my room, okay?” – says in the ad.

The Illinois house was decorated with Christmas lights, and it was also possible to find hidden traps for thieves.

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