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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsHow to teach a dog not to eat off the floor

How to teach a dog not to eat off the floor

The street is full of risks and it is very important not to let the dog pick up food on the ground while walking, this will save the animal from problems such as poisoning, malaise or digestive problems. We will give some tips on how to wean or teach a dog not to pick up food from the street.

Eat at home.

One way to prevent your dog from eating on the street is to teach him to eat from a bowl at home. If you allow your pet to eat only the food that is in its feeder, it will understand that this is where it should get its food.

Every time your dog eats, you should compliment him, pamper him, and let him know he did a great job. Reward or positive reinforcement is the key to ensuring your dog always eats at home and from his bowl. Do this every time he has just finished his meal.

When it comes to positive reinforcement, we want to emphasize that you should never use punishment when training and educating dogs. If the animal has found something on the ground and is trying to grab it, say a firm and definite “No”, but do not try to remove it and do not use any physical punishment, otherwise it will immediately swallow everything. ‘he found. , indistinctly. In the education process, your patience is very important.

We divide the diet into at least two per day.

For your dog to stop eating out, it is strongly recommended to split his diet into at least two meals a day. This way your pet will feel full all day, you’ll reduce their anxiety and prevent them from going out hungry.

Clicker for training.

Your dog at home can listen to you without a problem, but when you go out for a walk, he forgets everything he has been taught. In principle, this is normal, because there are a lot of irritants on the street that distract her. One of the most effective ways to train outside the home is with a clicker system. It’s a plastic box with a button that clicks when pressed, after which it is given food. But you should only use it when your pet is well behaved. Click each time the dog follows your commands. It is a behavioral reinforcer that your dog will accept as correct and will be rewarded for it.

Be patient and consistent.

To get your dog to stop eating junk, you need to be patient, consistent, and firm. Never let your pet eat outside the feeder.

A step-by-step guide on how to teach your dog not to pick up food from the floor:

Step 1. Start with a short leash.

Put a short leash on your dog for better control, and place the “traps” on the ground where you usually walk with him. As soon as he wants to pick up the food, tell the dog “No” and pull the leash up, preventing him from grabbing the food. As soon as you see that she has lost the desire to take the object, call her name and give her a reward.

Repeat this exercise by moving the arranged elements. Keep practicing until your pet begins to walk past the object without trying to catch it.

Step 2: Put on a long leash.

Once the dog has learned not to pick up objects from the ground under your close control, we put on a long leash to give him more freedom. The training will be the same: when we try to lift something off the ground, we say “No” to the dog, if he obeys, we will certainly praise him and encourage him with a treat.

Step 3: Let go of the leash.

After putting on a long leash, let go of it and let the dog walk freely. When you see that he wants to pick something up, tell him “No” and move closer to pull him by the leash towards you (If the dog runs away from you when you try to approach, step on the leash).

Once the dog has lost interest in the object on the ground, praise and reward it by letting go of the leash again. Repeat the training until you are sure that the dog calmly goes through the “traps”.

Step 4. Hide the “trap items”.

Follow the same procedure as in the previous step, but this time do not leave the elements in plain sight, but hide them. When you see that your dog doesn’t want to take the hidden objects, consider yourself successful!

Work with your pet step by step. Be patient, because in training, patience and consistency are very important.

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