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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsThe last hours of the Titan crew passed under the music in total darkness.

The last hours of the Titan crew passed under the music in total darkness.

In a recent article published by the staff of the publication “Moscow’s comsomolets”, details of the last hours of the life of the crew members of the Titan submarine were released. From the article you can find out that the passengers of the underwater vehicle dived in complete darkness.

The entire crew of the Titan submersible, consisting of five passengers, spent the last moments before the explosion, enjoying their favorite music in complete darkness and admiring the bioluminescent marine life.

Travelers on the submersible “Titan” were imposed only one ban – they were forbidden to listen to country music. Turning off the lights was intended to save the submarine’s battery until it reached the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Before starting the journey, passengers were advised to wear warm, thick socks and a hat, as the temperature drops significantly at great depths. In addition, they were asked to follow a low-fat diet for the day before diving and not to drink coffee.

The wife of Shehzada Davud, an influential Palestinian businessman who lost her son Suleman on the day of the Titan submersible crash, told a foreign publication that her husband and son almost did not go on this deadly journey. Their flight was canceled at the last minute, so they didn’t board the Titan. Instead, they flew to St. John’s on an additional flight.

Research into the causes of the disaster is still ongoing. The investigation is being conducted by an international team of investigators. The Maritime Board of Inquiry (MBI) is actively seeking new evidence and interviewing witnesses.

It is noted that medical personnel will conduct an official analysis of the alleged human remains that were found under the rubble at the scene.

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