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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaAI-powered news aggregator Yournews.ai is launched in Russia, which selects interesting publications at the request of the user

AI-powered news aggregator Yournews.ai is launched in Russia, which selects interesting publications at the request of the user

A new service, Yournews.ai, has appeared on the Russian market. With it, you can search for any publications on the Internet, use voice playback, filter news by rating and reader ratings.

Users will be able to find a variety of necessary materials: from world medical research to newspaper publications translated into Russian by artificial intelligence.

yournews.ai is an innovative news aggregator similar to Google News, but capable of not only linking to news articles, but also summarizing posts using Chat GPT.

Search sources include social media, global medical research, foreign language newspapers, news columns, and many other online platforms.

All publications can be filtered by rating, popularity, categories or specific sources. An important advantage of Yournews.ai is that it is free and contains no ads.

“‎Yournews.ai has the potential to revolutionize the way news is monitored for billions of people. Knowledge is power, and with Yournews.ai you can now learn even more.

Save time searching for important information, read or listen to even more useful news, none of which you will miss. The service also provides free content that other sites charge money for, which saves you from having to buy a lot of expensive subscriptions, ”comments Founder Dr. jur. Can Ansay.

At the moment, the company has already launched other AI services based on ChatGPT: yoursearch.ai, yourchat.ai and yourfriends.ai.

About company:

CEO and Founder of Yournews.ai, JD. Kang Ansai is a German social entrepreneur. After a successful career as a lawyer, he developed an AI medical diagnostics app in 2013, and founded eHealth in 2018, with nearly 700,000 users.

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