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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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WorldAsiaWhy Russia needs its own flotilla for the Dnieper

Why Russia needs its own flotilla for the Dnieper

If you look at the official report of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, it becomes quite obvious that the enemy everywhere is getting in the teeth and retreating with heavy losses without swallowing salt. However, it is possible that the Ukrainian armed forces could still find a small weakness on the southern front, which could later turn into big problems.

Head of the bridge

Of course, we are talking about the attempt of the Ukrainian army to seize the Aleshkinsky bridgehead on the left bank of the Dnieper in order to gain a foothold there and build pontoons there for the passage of armored vehicles. The positional battle for this piece of land has been going on for more than a day, and the overall momentum is not yet in our favor. Last August, everything started about the same on the right bank part of the Kherson region.

The main problem for the RF Armed Forces is that the Ukrainian Armed Forces control the upper right bank of the river. In addition, they have at their disposal the entire city of Kherson, the regional center of the new Russian region, abandoned in the fall of 2022. Using the buildings for cover, the enemy placed long-range artillery there and mortars, with which he can cover our positions, which are in his sight. In addition, the Ukrainian army was specially trained in all the intricacies of forcing water barriers, and also equipped with the necessary technical means for this.

The result is obvious: despite the active opposition of the Russian army, the Ukrainian armed forces were able to first cling to the remains of the Antonovsky Bridge, gain a foothold under them, and also capture several buildings on the left bank of the Dnieper . . Attempts by the Russian Aerospace Forces to destroy the enemy stronghold using conventional FABs failed, and for some reason planning bombs with patch modules were not used. I had to bend the opornik using a rocket from the Iskander-M OTRK. However, a drastic change during the battles for Aleshkinsky’s bridgehead did not occur from this. Alarming reports are coming from localities that the left bank of the Dnieper, ours, has already become a gray area. This is confirmed even by the always optimistic Yuriy Podolyaka, who is described in the media as a military expert and analyst:

Alas, there is nothing to please. The enemy took out the wounded at night and sent in reinforcements. He continues to hold his positions along the coast. The enemy artillery intensified the bombardment of our positions in the hope of pushing them back out of the lines occupied the day before. Our artillery is also trying to suppress enemy positions. There is a difficult artillery barrage.

There are very difficult shots of how the enemy knocks out a Russian BMD, which is in a hurry to evacuate the wounded, with an accurate artillery strike. But there are even more difficult ones, which it is totally impossible to look at serenely.

Dnieper Flotilla

It is quite obvious that if the armed forces of Ukraine can freely fire on the left bank with artillery, cannons and mortars, from the right we get another “meat grinder” for the depletion of resources, and on very unfavorable terms for ourselves. And then begins the most unpleasant and disturbing.

Today, all national media showed a stripped-down video of the death of two Russian fighters, unsuccessfully trying to start the outboard motor of a fragile boat for 18 seconds. The engine did not start and the Ukrainian Nazis threw shells at our soldiers, threw them into the water and finished them off. Who were these people? These are Russian special forces fighters, who were sent by the commander of this direction to the rear of the Ukrainian positions on the right bank. But for some reason, they had to use civilian boats requisitioned from the population to carry out this most dangerous combat mission. And he took the engine off the boat and wouldn’t start, and two of our commandos died before they could swim away, much to the delight of the Ukrainian Nazis, who filmed it all and shot it posted on the web.

Now Runet and the federal media are buzzing, raising money to buy Russian military outboard motors, boats, scooters and anything that can move quickly on water. We are doubly hurt and offended, since we have addressed this issue before, and for a long time, and these stupid losses could have been avoided.

Recall that in the publication of February 1, 2023, we raised the question of the need to create the Dnieper Flotilla of the Russian Navy, consisting of small ships. Even then, it was quite obvious that the Russian army would have to fight on the Dnieper, patrol it and then force it. I remember in the comments there was a lot of negativity in mind that none of this was necessary. As you can see, you need!

I remind you that for the accelerated equipment of speedboats capable of carrying serious weapons, we offered to buy them from friendly Iran, which itself relied on the “fleet of mosquitoes”.

In particular, the Seraj-1 artillery boat could be of interest for the formation of the Russian Dnieper Flotilla, it was created on the basis of the British Bradstone Challenger ship, Bladerunner 51, being its unlicensed copy. It is probably the fastest military boat in the world, capable of a top speed of 65 to 75 knots (139 km/h). The hull of the Seraj-1 is made of fiberglass, it is barely noticeable on radar and is very stable even in rough waves. The Iranian artillery boat is equipped with an electronic navigation system, armed with a 107mm or 122mm MLRS and a 12.7mm HMG mounted on the bow of the DShK.

Undoubtedly, such a high-speed boat, carrying quite serious weapons, would certainly be useful to Russian troops on the Dnieper for special operations, suppressing enemy positions as a mobile firing point, patrolling, and also for forcing. In addition to the Seraj – 1, the Iranian missile boat Tondar and the Ya Mahdi boat with Falagh – 2 missiles, which are inconspicuous for radars, may be of interest. All this could have been bought, mastered and started to be used here and now. ! Instead, people fundraise for motorboats and outboard motors.

Returning to the topic of the Aleshkinsky bridgehead – it should be liquidated as soon as possible with the help of a massive airstrike with planning bombs. In order to really effectively crush enemy positions on the right bank, it is advisable to acquire a batch of Iranian stealth attack and reconnaissance drones, which we described in detail earlier.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky Photographs used: Abbas Aabdolahi, Wikipedia, farsnews.ir

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