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Friday, December 8, 2023
Pink PageWhat's the best drink to order in the sun to avoid a booze belly at the end of summer?

What’s the best drink to order in the sun to avoid a booze belly at the end of summer?

When the sun finally shines on the ice, as in recent days, the country will be like calves in the spring. It’s crowded outside restaurants and bars where groups of friends are soaking up the sun, often with a drink by the glass.

But as we all know, alcohol is loaded with calories, although in varying amounts depending on the type. But if the weather continues to play with us, we can expect some to end up with a belly of beer and a kilo of cocktails at the end of the summer.

Then it’s about choosing moderate calorie drinks, for example light beer rather than regular beer, avoiding sugary cocktails and keeping in mind that soda, or the mix, often contains a lot more calories than alcohol itself.

Here you can see some drinks that are at the bottom of the list in terms of calories in the summer house.

Mineral water vodka

In general, clear and strong alcohols are more fattening than darker ones. Mineral water vodka may not seem like the most exciting of all drinks, but it can be irresistibly brightened up by adding slices of lemon or lime. It is also a good idea to change it and add a slice of cucumber and mint.

There are 133 calories in 225 ml. a glass of vodka with mineral water.

White wine

The amount of calories in white wine varies by type, but Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay wines are good choices.

There are 123 calories per 150ml. of the above types, but 150 is the standard size white wine glass at most wineries.

It’s also a good idea to dilute the wine with sparkling water or add fresh fruit like strawberries or grapes to the drink.


Many types of light beer have arrived in ÁTVR stores, all of which have in common that they contain significantly fewer calories than older types of beer. The number of calories they contain depends a lot on the type, but it is common for “normal” beer to contain around 42-50 calories per 100ml. but this one lost about 27-30 calories


Tequila has a reputation for making people maybe happier than expected, and therefore maybe not the smartest drink on a Sunday afternoon at East Stadium, but tequila is arguably low in calories. A good shot of tequila, usually washed down with lime and often salt, has only 99 calories despite its high alcohol content.

You can also mix tequila with mineral water or even coconut water, which instantly transforms the drink into a very summery cocktail.

Gin and tonic

Gin and tonic is one of the most popular alcoholic cocktails in the world. Gin is one of the strongest wines with the fewest calories, but it is the most fattening tonic. It’s a small matter to replace the regular tonic with sugar-free, but the problem is that the diet tonic is not available in all stores, let alone in the big chains. You can instead find diet tonics in small neighborhood stores near Melabúðina and specialty stores. Costco regularly has these on the counter and no doubt many more.

There are 128 calories in a simple gin and tonic (with diet tonic).

dry martini

The dry martini was the drink of drinkers about 40 years ago, but its popularity has waned in recent years. However, they are elegant drinks that are good to put in lemon slices and olives.

There are 185 calories in a dry martini glass.

Hey, Bond is drinking a Martini and he’s cool!

Rum and coke without sugar

Rum and Coke have been around for as long as older people can remember, also known as Cuba Libre.

It’s more coke than rum, which adds calories, but switching to sugar-free only has 135 calories per 8 ounces. a glass of the drink, 33% percent, but in the case of regular coke.

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