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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaQiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization Drives Green Development and Collaboration

Qiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization Drives Green Development and Collaboration

Global Delegates Conclude Productive Discussions on Modernization and Harmonious Coexistence with Nature

Beijing, China – The 2023 Qiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization, held in Qiyang, the capital of southwest China’s Qizhou province, concluded on July 9. Over 3,200 delegates from 42 countries and regions around the world participated in the forum, which centered around the theme of “pursuing modernization with harmonious coexistence between man and nature, promoting green and low-carbon development.” The forum yielded 14 significant consents, fostering research collaboration and promoting various initiatives related to green development.

The forum served as a platform for the release of numerous research results, including the highly anticipated “China Climate Change Blue Paper (2023)” and a consultation report on the “Global Ecological Civilization Think Tank Summit.” Furthermore, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) conducted a licensing ceremony for China’s 13 selected natural protection areas, officially recognizing them in the prestigious “IUCN Green List.” The event also provided an opportunity for Qizhou Province to showcase its commitment to green development by unveiling 220 green industry investment projects, spanning areas such as new industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, and tourism industrialization.

The Qiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization served as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, Xinhua. During the event, two strategic cooperation agreements and 12 industrial investment projects were signed, encompassing sectors such as modern energy, new energy vehicles, battery materials, and cultural tourism. The total contracted amount for these projects reached an impressive 12.236 billion yuan, underscoring the commitment of international stakeholders to sustainable development.

By bringing together delegates from diverse backgrounds, the forum provided a platform for fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange on pressing environmental challenges and sustainable development strategies. The emphasis on pursuing modernization while maintaining harmonious coexistence with nature resonated with participants, reflecting the global recognition of the need to prioritize environmental conservation and address climate change.

The outcomes of the forum not only contribute to the academic sphere but also have tangible implications for policy and implementation. The release of the “China Climate Change Blue Paper (2023)” provides a comprehensive assessment of the country’s progress in addressing climate change and offers valuable insights for policymakers and stakeholders. Similarly, the recognition of China’s natural protection areas in the “IUCN Green List” acknowledges the nation’s commitment to preserving its unique ecological heritage.

The investment projects unveiled during the forum highlight the significant potential for green industries in Qizhou Province and beyond. These initiatives encompass a wide range of sectors, emphasizing the importance of transitioning towards sustainable practices and embracing the principles of ecological civilization. They serve as concrete steps towards achieving green and low-carbon development, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and build a more sustainable future.

As the international community faces the urgent need for environmental action, forums like the Qiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization play a crucial role in fostering collaboration and driving positive change. The commitments made, research outcomes, and collaborative initiatives arising from this forum will undoubtedly contribute to advancing the global agenda of ecological civilization and charting a sustainable path towards a greener and more prosperous future.

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