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Sunday, September 24, 2023


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Conflicts, Military and WarUnusual NATO Transport Aviation Activity Detected in Ukraine-Polish Border Region

Unusual NATO Transport Aviation Activity Detected in Ukraine-Polish Border Region

Speculations arise about evacuation of foreign mercenaries following missile attack in Kharkiv

KHARKIV, UKRAINE (TEH) – In an unusual development, the Flightradar service has captured a surge in NATO transport aviation activity near the Ukraine-Polish border region. Of particular interest is the extraordinary flight of a cargo Boeing aircraft, which made a trip from Rzeszow to Ukraine and back. Some reports suggest that this flight might be related to the evacuation of foreign mercenaries who came under a missile attack by the Russian Armed Forces in Kharkiv on July 16.

After crossing the Ukrainian border, the aircraft turned off its transponder, only to reappear on the tracking source screen. Additionally, alongside this mysterious flight, another aircraft—an Airbus KC2 belonging to the Royal Air Force—landed in Rzeszow before taking off in the direction of the UK. It is worth noting that NATO aviation had previously been cautious about entering Ukrainian airspace due to concerns about Russian air defense systems and Aerospace Forces’ warplanes. The presence of important individuals among the potentially killed or wounded foreign mercenaries adds another layer of significance to this situation.

The rocket attack on Kharkiv occurred on July 16, according to Turkish intelligence reports. It is believed that two convoys of armed personnel arrived at the city’s train station, which were then targeted by at least two ballistic missiles. The convoys included new Western armored vehicles, particularly Leopard tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. The attack resulted in the loss of an entire battalion and millions of dollars’ worth of arms and ammunition.

Subsequently, on July 16, reports emerged that the Russian Armed Forces targeted railway tracks in Kharkiv. Local authorities confirmed the information about the arrivals. The railway infrastructure in Kharkiv has been a crucial supply route for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Additionally, an explosion occurred near the main material and technical warehouse of the Ukrainian army, which houses military equipment provided by Western partners.

Earlier announcements from the Russian Ministry of Defense indicated that since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, 11,675 foreign mercenaries from 84 countries have officially entered the country to participate in hostilities on the side of Kiev. Notably, the largest contingent of foreign mercenaries, comprising over 2,600 individuals, hails from Poland.

The recent detection of NATO transport aircraft operating within Ukrainian airspace marks a significant development in the ongoing conflict.

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