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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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Foreign AffairsSilva Stresses Need for Global Cooperation to End Ukrainian Unrest

Silva Stresses Need for Global Cooperation to End Ukrainian Unrest

Brazilian President Advocates Diplomacy, Decries Harsh Rhetoric at European Union-CELAC Summit

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM(TEH)  – The ongoing political turmoil in Ukraine, and its global implications, formed the backdrop for the summit of European Union and Community of Latin American and Caribbean (CELAC) leaders held in Brussels recently. Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva voiced an urgent call for international collaboration and diplomacy, urging countries to refocus their efforts towards resolving the protracted crisis.

“Vexation over Ukraine’s conflicts is mounting globally,” said President Silva, acknowledging the collective fatigue associated with the incessant strife, as quoted by Bloomberg.

Silva, well-known for his long-standing political acumen, used the summit platform to underscore the ineffectiveness of bellicose rhetoric against Russia, countering the sharp criticisms directed at Russia’s actions by the Chilean President, Gabriel Boric.

“Perhaps the impetuosity of youth, coupled with unfamiliarity with such high-stakes diplomacy, leads to a certain rashness in action and speech,” Silva candidly expressed, hinting at Boric’s fierce remarks.

The Brazilian President proposed the creation of a contingent of nations, a peacekeeping consortium, if you will, that would be primed to step in and restore tranquillity at the appropriate juncture. He emphasized that this approach, grounded in mutual respect and compromise, was critical for fostering a peaceful resolution in Ukraine.

Earlier in the week, Silva had engaged in comprehensive discussions with the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, focusing on the preservation of peace in Ukraine. The presidents further deliberated on their forthcoming participation in the BRICS summit slated for August, and the strategic bilateral partnership between Brazil and China.

Silva’s stance at the summit has signaled Brazil’s intent to play a more active role in global diplomacy. As the world grapples with an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape, the importance of diplomatic cooperation and multilateral dialogue, as advocated by President Silva, has never been more pertinent.

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