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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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WorldAsiaEnigma of Love or Subterfuge? Cross-Border Affair Under the Lens of Indian Anti-Terrorism Squad

Enigma of Love or Subterfuge? Cross-Border Affair Under the Lens of Indian Anti-Terrorism Squad

Pakistani National Seema Haider's Arrival in India Under Love's Pretext Raises Questions Amid the UP Anti-Terrorism Squad Investigation; Financial Transactions Also Scrutinized

NEW DELHI, INDIA (TEH) – In an unfolding drama that might be more suited to the pages of a thriller, a woman’s cross-border journey in the name of love has raised more than a few eyebrows in New Delhi. Seema Haider, a resident of Pakistan, purportedly travelled to India to be with her paramour, Sachin Meena. However, her arrival has incited suspicion, with investigating agencies including the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (UP ATS) questioning her for potential unlawful entry and activities.

Haider is undergoing meticulous interrogation sessions with the UP ATS. Queries reportedly veered towards her mode of communication, probing whether she was cautioned about messaging or online chatting, and if any code words were used to veil her discussions. The alleged usage of cryptic terms such as ‘Foofi’ and ‘Phal’, known to be in the lexicon of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agents in Pakistan, have further intensified the scrutiny.

Haider’s command over the Hindi language and her knowledge of Hindu customs, remarkably unusual for a Pakistani national, has raised additional suspicions. Her inconclusive responses on her journey to Rabupura, a village in Noida, have only deepened the mystery. Of note is the information procured during the inquiry revealing Haider’s virtual reach-out to Indian army officers, adding another layer of complexity to the case.

Haider’s day-long interrogation on Tuesday culminated at Rabupura police station. Ensuing her protection at the station, Haider was moved to a safe house under the vigilance of the UP ATS, accompanied by Meena. The investigation process, entering its third day, continues unabated given Haider’s Pakistani nationality and the potential threat of an attack.

The unfolding saga is now delving into financial angles, with the UP police investigating bank transactions pertaining to Meena and his associates. Sources suggest that the focus is on the monetary resources Haider had post her departure from Pakistan, and if any transactions were made to Meena’s account. The analysis also aims to trace any potential financial transfers made by Meena to Haider.

The underpinning motive of this financial audit is to identify any form of external fiscal support. Haider’s ability to secure five passports, make two trips to Nepal from Pakistan, and then land in India, appears suspicious to the authorities. Haider’s explanation of selling a plot in Pakistan for Rs. 12 lakhs (approximately 16,000 USD) as her financial source hasn’t been deemed plausible by the ATS, further underscoring the intrigue shrouding this ostensibly romantic endeavor.

As investigations continue and more details are set to emerge, Haider’s journey and the implications thereof tread a precarious line between a seemingly heart-led pursuit and a potential covert operation. The unraveling narrative encapsulates an intrigue-ridden cross-border affair under the watchful eye of national security agencies.

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