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Sunday, October 1, 2023


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Government and PoliticsPublic Outrage Erupts over Manipur Atrocity: Supreme Court and Prime Minister Respond, Demand Strict Action

Public Outrage Erupts over Manipur Atrocity: Supreme Court and Prime Minister Respond, Demand Strict Action

The deplorable act against two women in Manipur ignites a firestorm of anger across social media; the Chief Minister and Prime Minister pledge rigorous action and the Supreme Court takes suo motu cognizance

NEW DELHI, INDIA (TEH) – A ferocious public outcry has flooded social media, following a disturbing video capturing the demeaning parade of two women in the north-eastern state of Manipur. This shocking incident has prompted reactions from high-ranking officials, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Manipur’s Chief Minister, N Biren Singh. Associated Press also mentioned this.

As news of the incident became widespread, the degrading footage elicited grief from the Prime Minister, who asserted the necessity of stringent action. Alongside, the Supreme Court of India, troubled by the disturbing event, initiated suo motu cognizance – a procedure of self-initiated legal action. Amidst this tumult, a burgeoning resentment against Chief Minister N Biren Singh is discernible on various social media platforms.

Responding to the escalating rage, CM Singh released a public statement to address the matter. He affirmed that the law enforcement agencies have been directed to apprehend those involved swiftly. He further vowed that transgressors committing such abhorrent acts would face the fullest extent of the law.

“My deepest sympathies lie with the two women who were subjected to such a degrading and inhumane act, as depicted in the footage that emerged yesterday,” expressed CM Biren Singh, amidst the mounting public outrage. He confirmed that following the spontaneous cognizance of the incident, the Manipur Police acted promptly, leading to the initial arrest earlier today.

Asserting that the case is currently under rigorous scrutiny, the Chief Minister pledged, “We will ensure that stern action is taken against all the culprits involved, including consideration of the ultimate penalty. There is absolutely no justification for such heinous acts, and they have no place in our society.”

The Supreme Court has also taken active notice of the horrifying occurrence in Manipur. Expressing its disapproval, the court ordered the sternest action against the implicated individuals. During this pronouncement, Chief Justice of India, Justice DY Chandrachud, emphasized the exploitation of women in areas afflicted by violence. He demanded clarity on the measures undertaken against the individuals accountable for this reprehensible act. The Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing on this grave matter for the following Friday.

This grotesque incident underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures to safeguard women’s rights and dignity. It demands proactive action from those in power, intense scrutiny from the justice system, and an unwavering commitment from society to eradicate such vile acts. The national response to this event will be a litmus test for India’s commitment to its pledge of gender equality and justice.

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